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New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2021

Photos from my January and February Yellowstone trips have been added to the photo archive. I was first in the park in late January, spending a week on my own before leading my first photo tour in a year. I then returned in the next month after getting a request for a private tour. I arrived a couple days early before spending six great days with my clients in both the park interior and the norther range. If you missed the trip reports from both visits, you can relive the adventure in the blog.

These were two excellent trips full of some wonderful photo opportunities. As you’ll see from the preview below, it was a wonderful time for bison photography (winter usually is), but many other animals also put on a show. I already shared the tale of the wild coyote/fox moment here in the blog last week, but there were also numerous mustelid highlights.

You can jump to the full gallery of 201 new photos. Or check out the preview below first.

Gray Wolf

My February trip kicked off with this nice wolf sighting.

American Bison

Bison have quickly become one of my favorite winter subjects.

American Bison

…especially when it comes to black and white photography!

Long-tailed Weasel

The February trip was so great for mustelid sightings. We actually managed to track down this weasel twice (following its footprints).

Long-tailed Weasel

On the second occasion, it actually stopped and posed a few times.

North American River Otter

We had a few nice otter sightings, both in the park interior and the northern range, during these trips.

North American River Otter

This otter emerged for a few moments along the Yellowstone River below us.


Coyotes are somewhat underrated, but often provide some nice photo ops during winter.

American Marten

We were fortunate to see three different American martens (most commonly referred to as “pine martens,” despite being different than the European species) during my February tour.

American Marten

I’ve had very few opportunities to photograph them over the years.

Red Fox

I had zero opportunities to photograph foxes during my January visit, but they began to reemerge in time for my February trip.


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