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2021 Husky Football: Washington 31, Cal 24

I came in short-handed again, with my 600mm in for repairs. A good test for the shorter lenses (the 100-500 only opens up to f/7.1) and mirrorless bodies, given the late kickoff. On the plus side, it was a gorgeous day. I hoped I could stay the whole game this week (another week removed from Africa, it was more likely I’d last, though the late start would push my limits).

It felt like a must win for Washington. They could erase their non-conference woes and build some momentum in the conference slate with a victory. A loss might end the season by Game 4.

Good news, Dawg fans!

Fans pregame

Fans lounge in The Zone prior to the game.


Edefuan Ulofoshio pumps up the team during pregame.

Huddle break

The Dawgs break the huddle.

Husky Stadium tuba reflection

Husky Stadium, as seen during the Husky Band’s pregame show.

Husky Band

The Husky Band prepares to kick off their pregame show.

Drum Major

A Husky drum major performs during pregame.

Brendan Radley-Hiles

Brendan Radley-Hiles has a quiet moment to himself prior to the game.

Rome Odunze

Rome Odunze tunes out the pregame festivities.

Rome Odunze

Processing on iPad, I can’t quite do the black and white work I’d like to, but this came out okay.

Dubs II

Dubs II has a new home this year.

Taj Davis

Taj Davis stretches toward the end zone to kick off the scoring.

Husky students

The student section is riled up on a warm afternoon at Husky Stadium.

Husky Fans

The younger fans know how to get excited for Husky Football.

Kekoa Crawford

Chase Garbers completes a pass to Kekoa Crawford despite Mishael Powell’s (23) best efforts.

Husky Fans

The party deck was in full swing.

Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan hauls in a touchdown pass in the second quarter.

Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan tells it like it is following his TD grab.

Husky fans

Jack, I’m flying!

Husky Stadium

This is what Husky Stadium looks like when photographed in a .6 second panned shot.

Dylan Morris

Dylan Morris uncorks a pass.

Devin Culp

Devin Culp had a career day, leading Washington with five catches for 81 yards.

Husky fans

More young fans root on the Dawgs!

Rome Odunze

Rome Odunze prepares for contact.

Ryan Bowman

Ryan Bowman pressures Chase Garbers.

Kyler Gordon

Kyler Gordon (2) was a beast against Cal. The Huskies couldn’t always convert on the opportunities he created though…


Hugs all around tonight!

Terrell Bynum

Terrell Bynum has one go off his fingertips.

Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan can’t haul in this long pass, giving Cal another chance late in the game.

Kamari Pleasant

Kamari Pleasant comes up with a huge third down gain in overtime to extend the Huskies winning drive.

Sean McGrew

Sean McGrew scores the winning touchdown.

Husky cheer

The flag flies high after the Huskies go-ahead score.

Husky cheer

Bedlam ensues as Cal’s game-ending fumble is confirmed by the officials.

Alex Cook

Alex Cook celebrates the Dawgs 31-24 overtime victory.


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