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2021 in Review: Sharing My Clients’ Photos

My Year in Review series kicks off in earnest with a collection of photos from my tour clients. I was happy to get more opportunities to work with guests this year, but due to COVID some trips still had to be cancelled or postponed. So I’ve tried to supplement this small collection with images from my early 2020 clients (who never got a feature), and also a few instances where friends joined me for some less formal adventures.

All photos below are posted with permission and remain the intellectual property of their original owners.  Please respect their copyrights!

Gray Wolf by Pat Nowotny

A small group of visitors to the park interior was split in two when this wolf shocked everyone by popping out near the road. Pat managed to photograph it from the bridge during my 2020 winter tour.

Long-tailed Weasel by Amy Heinen

One of two weasels we encountered (at the same time!) during my 2020 winter tour.

Coyote by Amy Heinen

During my 2020 winter tour, Amy managed to freeze the action as this coyote dove for prey. It came up empty this time.

Bison by Linda Carney

Both Linda and Jeffrey (below) joined me on my first 2021 winter tour, and captured different views of this bison herd trudging through the snows of Fountain Flats.

Bison by Jeffrey Reasol

American Marten by Jeffrey Reasol

We were fortunate to have good marten encounters during both of my winter 2021 tours. Jeffrey and Linda both nailed their portraits of this one.

American Marten by Linda Carney

Long-tailed Weasel by Richard Sandor

My February winter tour was a great one for mustelid action with Richard and his wife Barbara. We managed to see this weasel a couple times, and then saw three martens (below) in the Yellowstone interior.

American Marten by Richard Sandor

Red Fox by Arlene Courtney

My clients had a number of good fox sightings in Yellowstone in the spring. Arlene managed to capture this picture perfect pose.

Red Fox by Glenn Hermes

This was the one mousing attempt we witnessed from this fox. Fortunately, my clients were ready for it.

Raven Sunrise by David Lei

After I photographed these ravens for a while, David finally came over and took my spot… and promptly nailed the best shot from the entire encounter.


Harlequin Ducks by Gene Frieders

My spring clients captured some lovely late afternoon shots of the Harlequins at LeHardy Rapids during the spring tour.

Harlequin Ducks by Jeffrey Reasol

Pronghorn Family by Arlene Courtney

Arlene captured this family portrait during a rare moment close to the road.

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Mating Ostriches by Jason Hair

An early highlight from South Africa: mating ostriches!

African lioness by Jason Hair

I love the intense look from this pretty lioness, as she walked under a bridge (and Jason’s camera) in Kruger National Park.

Lions by Christine Childree

CC was quick to act when she spotted this lioness lit up by the tail lights of her safari vehicle. What a unique shot!

African Fish Eagle by Brian Childree

We found this hidden gem of a lookout on the southern tip of Kruger National Park. While I was shooting tight on this African Fish Eagle, Brian managed to capture the wider environment.

Elephant Calf by Brian Childree

Elephant calves are definitely among the cheekiest subjects we saw on our South Africa adventure.

Enjoying MalaMala by Christine Childree

I love this shot by CC, which encapsulates everything you need to know about the MalaMala experience. Relaxation, a bit of luxury… which some great wildlife thrown in!

Leopard by Jason Hair

We were stationed on the backside of this haul, but Jason, in another vehicle, managed to capture the front view at MalaMala.

Great Gray Owl by Pat Nowotny

It wasn’t a tour, but Pat joined me in Yellowstone in the fall, and froze this Great Gray landing in the forest.

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  1. Linda Rabe December 27, 2021 Reply

    My husband & I really enjoy looking at your photographs and traveling along on your trips.
    Thank you so much for letting us view them.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Author
      Max December 27, 2021 Reply

      Thank you for following the adventure, Linda!

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