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2022 – 23 Tour and Workshop Update

Things are changing rapidly on the photo tour front. I wanted to post a quick update about where things currently stand with my upcoming workshops and tours over the next couple years, especially since there are a couple of rare open spots left that may be claimed at any moment! Here’s a breakdown of what’s on tap, listed chronologically:


The Yellowstone Summit

Yellowstone Summit

When: The Summit ran from February 24 – 27, but most of the presentations were recorded (including both my photography talk and Q&A session), so you can access them with a VIP pass at any time.
Cost: $109 for VIP access

Yes, this already happened, but you can still enjoy nearly all of the content! This is a new online event hosted by Jenny and George at A Yellowstone Life. It’s a gathering of over 30 park experts, giving virtual talks about Yellowstone National Park on the eve of the park’s 150th anniversary. My presentation, Storytelling in Yellowstone: Tales Told Behind the Lens, debuted on February 24th, and I hosted a live Q&A session covering photography topics on the 25th. Both of these sessions are recorded, so you can view them and most of the other Summit content even if you register after the conclusion of the event!

Register for the Yellowstone Summit


San Juan Foxes

San Juan Islands Fox Tour

When: June 6 – 8, 2022
Cost: $2095 + $275 single supplement
Spaces Available: This tour is now FULL.

The second of my spring red fox workshops has a single spot left. This is a three day event, which serves as one of the more accessible tour experiences (in terms of cost and general activity level) of any of my offerings. We hope to photograph the red foxes of this region, known for their varied and unique coloration—red, black, gray, or brown—during the denning season. I purposely plan these outings a bit later in spring, when the fox kits are more active and the area is less-crowded with photographers. This is a relaxed environment, confined to a largely flat area that is easy to navigate (the biggest hazards are rabbit holes and grass pollen!). It can also be a very productive shoot, once the kits get active.

Claim the final spot on the San Juan Foxes tour.


Brazil Amazon + Pantanal

Brazil photo tour

When: July 24 – August 3, 2022 (starts July 18 if you opt for the extension)
Cost: $13,495 w/$1060 single supplement; $3770 or less for the extension (depends on number of participants) w/$325 single supplement
Spaces Available: 2 spots left!

I don’t use the word “epic” very often to describe trips, but this one may qualify based on the sheer biodiversity we get to enjoy. This tour offers a fantastic combination of two of Brazil’s best wildlife habitats: the Amazon rainforest and the world-famous Pantanal (the best place for jaguar viewing on the planet). During my 2020 tour, we counted 35 mammal species and over 175 bird species… not bad for a non-birding trip! Highlights include jaguars (of course!), which are almost guaranteed in the Pantanal. We will also search for ocelot (rare), anteaters, several primate species, capybara, caimans, two otter species, owls, parrots, woodpeckers, and so much more. This is also a relatively easy and relaxed rainforest experience. Though we do some walking on forest trails, much of the exploration is done in a safari vehicle or boat, and we also spend time on stakeouts in some excellent canopy towers.

The trip also features an optional “scouting extension” to the southern Pantanal, known for giant anteaters, macaw clay licks, and more. It’s a rare opportunity to join me on a first visit to a location. I do not mark up costs (i.e., profit) off scouting extensions.

Claim the final 2 spots on the Brazil tour.


Yellowstone in Winter

Yellowstone Winter Tour

When: January 2023
Cost: TBD
Spaces Available: Waiting List

I’m listing this right now because a lot is up in the air. There’s a lot of interest in my winter Yellowstone tours, and while I normally prefer to schedule them every two years, demand dictates that I bring this back next year. I may even offer two winter tours. At the moment, much depends on snow coach reservations, something that’s constantly in flux with high demand and increased pricing. So for now I’m happy to accept waiting list requests, and I may even accept pre-deposits sometime this spring.

The winter Yellowstone tour is an 8 Day/6 Night tour, split between the Yellowstone interior (snow coach) and the northern range. It offers a mix of wildlife and landscape photo opportunities.

Contact me to get on the waiting list for the winter tour.


Costa Rica: Quetzals to Corcovado

Costa Rica photo tour

When: March 25 – April 2, 2023 (through April 5 w/extension)
Cost: $7395pp/$610 single supplement; $3200pp extension
Spaces Available: Accepting deposits!

We’re ready to get back to Costa Rica! This has been one of my most popular tours over the years, working with Costa Rica’s longest-running (and, in my opinion, best) tour operator, Costa Rica Expeditions. We’ll seek out fantastic birdlife (including the amazing Resplendent Quetzal in a new, less-crowded location), and will venture from the Caribbean slope to the Pacific coast, enjoying a bounty of wildlife in multiple locations. Targets include primates, sloths, coatis, toucans, owls, frogs, snakes, and so much more. My Costa Rica tour emphasizes trail exploration: we get into the jungle rather than just sit at the lodge all day shooting at feeders. It’s a true adventure.

For the really adventurous individual, we’re once again offering the exciting (and challenging) extension to Corcovado National Park. We stay at Sirena Station for three nights (one of the only tours to do so), led by the best tracker I’ve ever worked with during any of my international trips. Corcovado is the best place for wildlife in the entire country, and the research station is pretty rustic, but the rewards of being in this wild place—all four monkey species, tapirs, and maybe pumas—make it worth the effort.

Register for the Costa Rica wildlife tour.


Pumas of Patagonia

Pumas of Patagonia tour

When: Early May (likely May 3 – 10), 2023
Cost: $9000+ (Final Cost TBD)
Spaces Available: Three spots left!

Due to overflow demand (2022 filled up fast), I’ve added my southern Chile puma trip to the 2023 calendar. This is one of my most popular tours, and also one of the most rewarding. It’s a rare opportunity to encounter a big cat on foot in the wild. And we happen to see a lot of pumas. Working with one of the best tracking and guiding teams in the region (they’ve aided the BBC with their Patagonia documentary work), and timed for autumn (fewer tourists, beautiful scenery), we are constantly rewarded with a high number of puma encounters and incredible photo ops. This trip does require a fair bit of walking, while carrying gear, at around 3000 feet of elevation. It’s highly recommended that participants are in reasonable shape for this endeavor.

Submit a pre-deposit for the 2023 Pumas of Patagonia tour.


Yellowstone’s Spring Wildlife

Yellowstone Spring Wildlife Tour

When: June 3 – 9, 2023
Cost: TBD
Spaces Available: Accepting pre-deposits now!

A longtime favorite will be back in 2023. The spring Yellowstone tour brings us to Yellowstone during the peak time for wildlife activity. From baby animals to increased predator action, and lots of good bird sightings, this is the time to be in the park if you love animals. Though prices have yet to be finalized, I am accepting refundable pre-deposits.

Learn more about the spring tour and submit a pre-deposit.


Alaska Brown Bears

Alaska Bears tour

When: July28 – August 3, 2023
Cost: $7975pp
Spaces Available: There are 3 spots left!

There was a lot of demand for my 2022 Alaska bear trip, and we’re close to adding another tour for 2023. We’re very close to finalizing details for this one, so you’ll want to get on the waiting list soon in hopes of getting in on one of the eight spots we have available. This trip takes us to Lake Clark National Park, where we’ll be the sole photography group at our lodge. Each day, we’ll be out on the beach and in the coastal meadows with Alaska Peninsula brown bears as they feed, wander, and play (especially if there are cubs!) during what may be the peak of the fishing season. We’ll also have time to take a marine excursion in search of puffins and other wildlife. It’s a fun, relaxed way to photograph bears up close and on foot.

Learn more about the Alaska bear tour and get on the waiting list.

(Note that the description and activities listed for the tour above is for the 2022 tour. The 2023 trip will differ a bit.)


Zambia: Rivers of Life

Zambia Rivers of Life photo safari

When: September 3 – 15, 2023
Cost: $14,495pp, $2280 single supplement
Spaces Available: 5 spots left!

My next Africa adventure is going to be a special one, taking us off the beaten path and away from the heavily-touristed hot spots in southern and eastern Africa. Zambia is still relatively quiet in terms of tourist activity, but boasts a lot of highlights for photographers. It features one of the most beautiful African environments I’ve visited—the forests of the Lower Zambezi—and is packed with wildlife. We’ll explore by land and water, and will encounter several of Africa’s most dynamic species: elephants, hippos, leopards, lions, African wild dogs… We’ll also have a chance for some great bird action: wetland birds photographed on the river, several owl species, and beautiful Carmine Bee-eaters, among others.

This tour features stops at some beautiful camps (including one exclusive to our group), situated in some of the best wildlife areas of both Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks.

Learn more about the Zambia tour.

That’s the latest, but I’m likely to have more updates down the road (and I’m also eyeing additional tours in 2024). Keep an eye on the Workshops & Tours page for future updates!


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