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2023 Calendars Are Here!

The 2023 nature and wildlife calendar collection is here! This marks my eighteenth year publishing wall calendars. Though it’s never been a major moneymaker for me, I’ve always enjoyed picking out the images for these calendars, and I’m happy that I can continue to offer several different themes each year. Once again, for 2023, I’m offering nine different nature themes.

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2023 calendars

Five of these are new calendars. That is, calendars featuring all-new images that haven’t been featured in past years. This year I’m excited to present a varied collection, including new editions of past favorites, and a couple of brand new themes.


2023 Yellowstone CalendarYellowstone

This, of course, is the traditional theme that I’ve offered every year since 2006(!). Each year, the Yellowstone calendar has all-new images (thanks mostly to the fact that I spend so much time in that park). It’s amazing to think that in those eighteen years, I’ve never featured an elk on the cover… until now. The interior images feature a variety of different wildlife species that make the park so great, from bears to birds, to smaller mammals.

Preview all of the images in the 2023 Yellowstone calendar and order it for only $15!



The last few years I’ve had several requests for a bison calendar. Bison, as you know, have become a very prominent subject in my portfolio, so I thought I’d make this something of a special calendar. My collection of black and white images has increased mostly to the wonderful bison photo ops I’ve enjoyed in Yellowstone in recent years… so why not make this a black and white bison calendar? This is only the third black and white calendar I’ve published (following Yellowstone 2017 and Black and White Wildlife 2020), and I can’t think of a better featured subject.

Preview all of the images in the 2023 Bison calendar and order it for only $15!



This is the third edition of the Patagonia theme (previously published in 2011 and 2018). I’ve been able to bring it back for 2023 with all-new photos, thanks to several visits in recent years, including the recent tour I just wrapped up. This has to be the most colorful and vibrant of this year’s new calendars, thanks to some amazing wildlife, but also the incredible autumn scenery found in southern Chile and Argentina.

Preview all of the images in the 2023 Patagonia calendar and order it for only $15!


2023 Lil' Lions & Leopards CalendarOwls

Another past favorite is back with new images. This is the fourth owl calendar I’ve published. It’s one of my favorite subjects, so it’s hard for me to stay away for long! As always, the calendar features thirteen different owl species photographed in the wild around the world. This year’s calendar includes the two “newest” species on my life list, the Lesser Horned Owl from Chile, and the Spotted Eagle-owl from South Africa (featured on the cover).

Preview all of the images in the 2023 Owls calendar and order it for only $15!


Lil’ Lions & Leopards

In the past I’ve put together a number of baby animal calendars, often focusing on a specific location. This time, I went back to Africa, but narrowed the focus even more. I’ve been fortunate to have several encounters with leopard and lion families during my Africa trips, including last year’s productive South Africa and Zambia adventures. So I figured it was time to give these adorable cubs a bit more of the spotlight. This calendar is evenly split between little lions and leopards.

Preview all of the images in the 2023 Lil’ Lions & Leopards calendar and order it for only $15!


Classic 2023 Calendars

In addition to the five new themes above, I have brought back four “Classic” themes. These are the themes I introduced last year. They’ve got the same images, with a calendar grid updated for 2023.

2023 classic calendars

African Birds: This calendar highlights the unique and colorful birdlife of the African continent. All photos were taken in the wild in South Africa, Tanzania, and Botswana.

Red Foxes: The 2023 Red Fox calendar features photos of wild red foxes seen in the western United States. This includes different colored morphs (cross, silver, pearl, cinnamon) found in Washington.

Primates: The Primates calendar features different primate species photographed around the world, including a number of vulnerable and endangered animals.

Animal Antics: The 2023 Animal Antics calendar (titled “Seriously?!”) features fun and playful moments from wild animals photographed around the world.

Preview all of the images in the 2023 calendar collection and order them for only $15!


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