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New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2022

I’ve just wrapped processing on my January 2022 photos from Yellowstone. I was in the park again to lead back-to-back winter photo tours. Both tours were a lot of fun, and we enjoyed multiple highlights along the way. Once again, bison provided some very good photos ops, and I came away with some nice scenes that (shockingly!) looked pretty good in black and white. Wolves surprised my first group with a roadside encounter near some of the geyser basins, and for a second year in a row we had nice marten sightings in the park interior.

As always, you can jump straight to the archive to view the full photo gallery. A short preview is below.

American Bison

Once again, bison provided some of the best photo opportunities during my winter visit.

American Bison

There were some nice chances to photograph them in their environment.

American Bison

And once again several shots turned out quite well in black and white.

American Bison

American Bison

American Dipper

We had a unique opportunity to photograph this dipper directly from above (while standing on a bridge).


It was interesting to see some of the unique icicle formations along the banks of the Firehole River.

Common Raven

Ravens remain one of my favorite and most-commonly photographed winter subjects in the park.

American Marten

Though the martens hanging out near Canyon in recent years are probably attracted by human facilities (dumpsters, warm buildings), it was nice to photograph them in the forest at times, behaving a bit more naturally.

Semi-Leucistic Bald Eagle

This marked my first time seeing a Bald Eagle with leucism in Yellowstone. Previously, I have seen a semi-leucistic (“piebald”) American Robin in the park. I have also seen a leucistic Bald Eagle with a different plumage variant: more of a caramel color rather than dark brown, but without stark white body or wing feathers in the Pacific Northwest.

Gray Wolves

The Junction Butte Pack crosses a distant hillside.

Gray Wolf

One of my tour groups was fortunate to encounter the Wapiti Lake Pack near the road in the park interior.

Gray Wolf

Gray Wolves

The wolves crossed the road a couple times.

Bohemian Waxwings

It was pretty exciting seeing a large flock of Bohemian Waxwings during one of my tours. It’s a species I’ve only photographed a few times over the years (there were also some Cedar Waxwings mixed in).


See the full Yellowstone Winter 2022 gallery (92 photos).

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