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Photos Added: South Africa 2010

Yet another collection of older images has been added to the archive! I’ve just finished reprocessing photos from my first visit to South Africa back in 2010.

This trip was focused on the Great Kruger area, including Kruger National Park, and MalaMala and Elephant Plains Game Reserves in the Sabi Sands Wildtuin. We planned the Kruger and Elephant Plains portions of the trip with friends, in between which Jenn and I snuck off to MalaMala. The primary goal of the trip was leopards. I had heard good things about the Sabi Sands in relation to leopard activity, and it certainly paid off.

View the full gallery here. A short preview is found below.


The Bateleur is quite beautiful, but also somewhat awkward looking for an eagle.

Greater Kudu

This kudu was so handsome and posed perfectly for me, that I decided to present him in both color and black and white in the archive. You can’t go wrong!

Marico Sunbird

South Africa is home to several beautiful sunbird species, including this Marico Sunbird.

Southern Giraffes

Seeing two male giraffes face off next to our tiny car was a memorable sight.

Giant Kingfisher

This was my first (and still best) view of the Giant Kingfisher. Kingfishers are commonly seen near the bridges in Kruger.

African Wild Dog

This trip featured my first ever sighting of African wild dogs. It’s still the only time I’ve ever seen them in Kruger.

African Lion

We had some nice lion sightings in Kruger and the Sabi Sands.

African Lions

A cub watches his mother tear into a buffalo carcass.

African Lion

Lip-smacking good!

Brown-headed Parrots

This pair (mature adult and chick, or a couple?) of Brown-headed Parrots was busy begging and feeding.

African Scops Owl

This African Scops Owl came to investigate a potential nest site right outside our cottage.

Dwarf Mongoose

To this day the dwarf mongoose is still my favorite mongoose species.

Red-billed Oxpecker

I’ll never turn down a photo opportunity featuring an oxpecker on a giraffe.

Heron, Windmill and Tree

The juxtaposition between the undulating, unpredictable side of nature, and the rigid geometry of man-made objects.

African Leopard Cub

The highlight of this trip was our first encounters with a young leopard cub at MalaMala Game Reserve.

African Leopard Cub

The cub was around five weeks old, and we had sightings on three separate days, including when its mother moved it to a new den site following recent hyena activity in the area.

African Leopard Family

This photo, taken right after the family moved to a new den site, won the MalaMala guest photographic competition (a contest I later won a second time, and then judged for a few years).


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