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New Photos: Alaska 2022

I’ve published images from my final two trips of the year, both of which took me to Alaska. In late August, my son and I went on a short family adventure. We rented a camper van and went first to Kenai Fjords National Park (my first visit), and then back up to Denali National Park (which I had not seen since I was a kid). In September, I returned to lead my first Alaska Brown Bears photo tour. We too kicked off that trip with a scenic cruise in Kenai Fjords before flying to Lake Clark National Park, home to some of the best bear viewing on the planet.

Though conditions were often challenging—plenty of rain and no salmon to speak of—the bears were plentiful and I had a great time with a wonderful group of clients.

As always, you can jump straight to the photo archive to view the full gallery, or check out the short preview below first.


Lovely autumn colors carpet the slopes of Denali National Park.


Our short visit to Denali marked my first time photographing caribou. We had a small herd of bulls cross the road near our vehicle… some had already shed their antler velvet.

Harbor Seals

It’s interesting to see the different coloration of these seals when they’re out of the water.

Sea Otter Family

My best views to date of a sea otter pup. Adorable!

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

Lake Clark is one of the few places one can observe and photograph brown bears at close range.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

It was surprised to find a number of bear images came out well in black and white.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

Brown Bear Family

By September, most of the big boars have gone upriver, so we mostly see sows and families down near the beach.

Brown Bear Cub

One of the sows at Lake Clark had a pair of cubs of the year. By September, they were already quite bulky!

Brown Bear Family

This cub had a milk coma after a nursing session.


Sadly, our one good sunrise in Lake Clark was devoid of bears.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear

On our final morning, we finally had a low enough tide to see a bear clamming.


View the full Alaska 2022 gallery (66 images).

If you’re interested in joining me on a future Alaska bears tour, my 2023 trip is already full, but I may schedule another for 2025. Feel free to contact me to get on the waiting list.


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