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2024 Nature and Wildlife Calendars are Here!

Each year I publish a new set of wall calendars. This project is never a big money maker for me, but I enjoy the process of curating photos, and try to present a variety of options in my annual calendar collection so there’s something for everyone.

Once again this year, I have released nine calendars for 2024. Per tradition, five of these calendars feature all-new images, while the other four bring back the same photos as last year (for those who didn’t have a chance to order). Here’s the rundown on this year’s themes. Also, for a limited time, calendars are priced at 25% Off. This is the lowest they’ll cost all year!



The annual Yellowstone theme is back, with a first-time cover subject!

2024 Yellowstone Calendar

This is the one theme I bring back every year with new images, so it’s always part of the new collection. I’m excited to feature an American marten on the cover for the first time. The interior images also include a photo from my long-awaited shoot with a Yellowstone bobcat (among other subjects).

Preview and order the 2024 Yellowstone calendar.


Endangered Species

This a special calendar… the first time I’ve focused solely on endangered and threatened species.

2024 Endangered Species Calendar

This calendar not only features photographs of the many endangered species I’ve photographed in the wild during my travels, but it also contains information on their current population estimates, and lists the threats to their existence.

Preview and order the 2024 Endangered Species calendar.



The popular Otters theme is back for a third time!

2024 Otters Calendar

That’s right, this is the third edition of this calendar, with all-new images. It features four different otter species photographed in the western hemisphere.

Preview and order the 2024 Otters calendar.


Costa Rica

Another theme from the past is making its second appearance in my collection.

2024 Costa Rica Calendar

The Costa Rica theme was last published in 2017/18, so I’ve got a lot of new photos to share (including shots from my most recent trip this year). It features birds and mammals, and maybe a frog and a bug… but they’re pretty, I promise!

Preview and order the 2024 Costa Rica calendar.



Wait… what?

2024 Blird Calendar

That’s right: Blird. A calendar full of blurred birds! These are motion blurs, in-camera experiments, fun and crazy moments… and maybe even a mistake or two. It’s one of the silliest calendars I’ve ever published.

Preview and order the 2024 Blird Calendar.


Classic Calendars

The four remaining themes are the ones brought back from last year.

2024 Classic Calendars

I refer to this as the “Classic” calendar collection. The same photos as the year before, just an updated calendar grid for 2024. This way, folks who didn’t have a chance to claim them last year can have a go. Sometimes I even get people ordering the same calendar in consecutive years. I certainly won’t quibble with that.

This year’s Classic themes are:

Bison: Featuring black and white images of the American bison, photographed in Yellowstone.

Owls: A personal favorite theme, this is the fourth edition of this calendar, containing photos of thirteen wild owl species photographed around the world.

Lil’ Lions & Leopards: Featuring nothing but cute lion and leopard cubs photographed during my various Africa trips.

Patagonia: The third edition of this theme, containing wildlife and scenery from Chile and Argentina.

As always, you can may preview all of the 2024 calendars in the store!


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