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New Photos: Yellowstone Spring 2023

It seems like we just wrapped up this trip! If you followed my trip reports from my latest Yellowstone adventure, you’ll already have a good sense of what I saw and photographed. The final gallery doesn’t have a ton of images thanks in part to the fact that I had to cut it short by about five days, but I still managed to squeeze in some exploration, and the photo tour ended up being a success.

As always, you can jump to the full gallery here. A short preview follows…

American Black Bear

During my photo tour, we had a nice morning shoot with a black bear family consisting of a sow with two yearling cubs.

American Black Bear Cubs

The cubs grazed a lot, but eventually wrestled a bit, and then paused to check out a traffic cone.

American Bison

I didn’t photograph many bison on this trip, but there were a few moody moments full of steam and fog.

American Badger

After leaving a badger den that wasn’t providing many good photo opportunities, I saw this busy individual digging in the late afternoon light of the Lamar Valley.

Harlequin Ducks

We had some nice conditions to photograph a small group of Harlequin Ducks at LeHardy Rapids. The males got a bit testy with each other at times.


I love the morning fog in Hayden Valley!

American Cliff Swallow

We had perfect light to try and photograph American Cliff Swallows as they circled below the road in Hayden Valley.

American Cliff Swallow

Grizzly Bear Cubs

The highlight of my photo tour took place on our first morning, when we found a grizzly bear sow with three small cubs. We saw them later in the trip as well, but the first foggy morning provided the best moments.

Grizzly Bear Cubs

Grizzly Bear Cubs

Moose Calf

We were fortunate to see a newborn moose calf and its mother outside the park.

Canada Geese

Sunrise, fog and Canada Geese in Hayden Valley. What a combo!

View the Yellowstone Spring 2023 gallery (83 images) in the archive.

If you’re interested in joining me on my next spring Yellowstone adventure, next year’s photo tour still has a couple spots open!


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