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New Photos: Zambia 2023 Wildlife & Scenery

All of my latest Zambia photos are finally in the archive! Last week I unveiled the images from our wild dog encounters (my highlight of 2023). At the same time that I added those images to the archive, I also uploaded the rest of my wildlife photos (to go with the bird photos added a couple months ago).

Wild dogs weren’t the only highlight. There were so many memorable moments, from big cats to rarities like elephant shrews and aardvarks. Here’s a preview of some of the new images, but if you want to jump straight to the archive to see the full gallery, you may do so here.

African Elephant and Hippo

This glorious backlit scene greeted us at the start of our first evening drive in Lower Zambezi National Park.

Cape Buffalo and Impala

We had some nice encounters with herds of Cape buffalo in Lower Zambezi on this trip.

Cape Buffalo

White-tailed Mongoose

The white-tailed mongoose is a species I’ve seen pretty frequently over the years during night drives in Southern Africa.

African Leopard Cub

We were very fortunate to work with the guides who first found this leopard den. The cubs were maybe about five weeks old.

African Elephants

Elephants are numerous in Lower Zambezi National Park, and it can be a lot of fun photographing them among the scenic winterthorn trees.

Spotted Hyena and Hippopotamus

After being shunned by wild dogs, this hyena decided to investigate a full grown hippo. It must’ve been very lonely!

Baby Thornicroft’s Giraffe

This is the youngest giraffe calf I’ve seen. The ossicones (the “horns”) were still so floppy!

Nile Crocodiles and Hippo

Loads of crocodiles were coming in on this hippo carcass. Meanwhile a subadult hippo came out to investigate. It even licked the carcass at one point, leading us to wonder if it was the offspring of the dead adult.

Yellow Baboons

Zambia has two species of baboons. South Luangwa is home to the yellow baboon.

Vervet Monkey

While walking back to my room, I caught sight of these young vervet monkeys testing their acrobatic skills.

Vervet Monkeys

African Leopard

Zambia’s parks offer up some nice leopard sightings.

African Lion Cubs

We had barely any lion sightings most of the trip… and then scored some great encounters during our final two days in South Luangwa.

African Lion Carrying Cub

Our final photo moment of the trip occurred when this mom carried her tiny cub to a new den site.

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Interested in joining me on a future Zambia photo safari? I’m planning on leading a trip in 2026!


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