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New Photos: Kenya 2024

In March I made my first real visit to Kenya. Not my first visit, mind you. That occurred during a one night layover in Nairobi while on my way to Rwanda in 2007. But this was the first time I was visiting and staying in Kenya to photograph wildlife. And did I go to the Masai Mara? I did not. This trip was actually planned with a very specific wildlife goal (something I don’t normally advise) in an out of the way location, and we also added a visit to Tsavo to search for some other elusive critters.

Success was mixed. Lots of new species, nearly 60 different mammals, and while we struck out on the rarities in Tsavo, we did ultimately land our big goal at Laikipia: the black leopard.

I’ve published two new galleries from this trip—one for general wildlife and one for birds—which are now in the archive. As always, a short preview follows below.

Coke’s Hartebeest

One of the most common of the many antelope species we counted on this trip was the Coke’s Hartebeest.

African Elephant

We had some nice elephant sightings in Tsavo, including a number of decent-sized tuskers, and some of the “red elephants” caked in the area’s famed reddish soil.

Rock Monitor

The red dirt of Tsavo coated a lot of the animals found there, including this rock monitor.

Marsh Owl

I was very excited to see the Marsh Owl, which has always been high on my wish list.

European Roller

European Rollers provided better photo ops than their Lilac-breasted cousins on this trip.

Somali Courser

I was surprised to see three different coursers on this trip. This is the Somali Courser.

Masai Giraffe

Masai giraffes were seen on occasion in Tsavo.

Yellow-necked Spurfowl

The Yellow-necked Spurfowl was a new species for me, and we had some nice sightings of it in Tsavo.

Brown Greater Galago

Brown greater galagos (a.k.a., thick-tailed bushbabies) were hanging out near our lodge at Tsavo every night.

African Elephants

Overall, it was a good elephant trip, with some nice moments with different herds both in Tsavo and Laikipia.

African Leopard

In addition to the black leopard we hoped to see, we did encounter a few “spotty” leopards. A couple of males were hanging around in the area much of the time.

Gunther's Dik-dik

Gunther’s Dik-diks were everywhere at Laikipia. No wonder they’re a favorite leopard snack.

Vulturine Guineafowl

One of the bigger bird targets during our Laikipia visit was the Vulturine Guineafowl, the third guineafowl species I’ve now seen.

Grevy’s Zebra

The endangered Grevy’s zebra (estimated remaining population: 2000-3000) was another mammal highlight on this trip.

Greyish Eagle-owl

Seeing the Greyish Eagle-owl was a nice surprise. Initially we thought it was a Spotted Eagle-owl, but the two have been split into distinct species (not races or subspecies). This one has dark eyes, but the two also do not interbreed.

Striped Hyena

It was nice to finally land my first sighting (and photo op) of the striped hyena.

Long-tailed Widowbird

Seeing the Long-tailed Widowbird was a big surprise, and pretty exciting.

Black Rhinoceros

A visit to a local conservancy gave us an opportunity to see some black rhinos toward the end of the day.

Wild Black Leopard

What a thrill to see wild melanistic leopard (a true black panther) in its natural environment.

Wild Black Leopard

We were sweating bullets for a while. She finally appeared for a few nights, but it wasn’t until our very last morning drive that we got her in “daylight” and didn’t need a spotlight.

Wild Black Leopard


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