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New Photos: Guyana 2024 Wildlife & Scenery

A few weeks back, I quietly published the first collection of photos from my January Guyana scouting trip. That gallery focuses on the remarkable birds we saw during the visit. This collection highlights the non-avian species, including a few mammals and several reptiles and bugs.

I’m always pursuing new photo opportunities with tropical mammals, and it’s no surprise that they proved to be numerous, but often elusive on this trip. We saw a lot (even my first oncilla!), but rainforest shoots are never easy. So I was happy to not only see my first giant anteater baby, but also several new monkeys. Add a surprise porcupine fight, oppossum, and more, and we did alright with mammals. However, I’d argue that the real stars of the trip were the “creepy crawlies,” the reptiles, amphibians and bugs. There was some seriously cool stuff to see. We were also fortunate to spend time with a black caiman research team, an experience I hope to highlight in a future blog post (in the meantime you will see those photos in the gallery).

As always, you can see the full photo gallery in the archive. A short preview is below:

Giant Anteaters

We were fortunate to land a morning sighting of a mother anteater and her offspring, my first time seeing a baby.

Giant Anteaters

Look how well this camouflage works for the youngster!

Spectacled Caiman

Spectacled Caiman was the most common of the three different caiman species we saw on this trip.


A very cool and somewhat longer millipede found during a night walk. Would love a species ID.

Red-faced spider monkey

In general, primate photography was tough. This session with a couple of red-faced spider monkeys was awkward (pointing straight up), but more productive than the rest of our encounters.

Goliath Birdeater

The goliath bird-eating spider was not on my list of anticipated sightings. It was a great surprise and a real treat… probably my favorite encounter of the trip. This one was the size of my hand, an individual our guide said was “medium-sized.”

Reddish-brown Bearded Saki

Bearded sakis were among my top mammal goals, but I was continually frustrated by my inability to land a clear shot. This one turned out okay, I guess.

Cayenne Slender-legged Tree Frog

Cayenne Slender-legged Tree Frog is a great name for a lovely species found during a night walk.


A surprise highlight: termites! This colony was making loud clicking noises as they moved to a new home.

Kaieteur Waterfall

Kaieteur is the world’s tallest single-drop waterfall at 741 feet (226 meters).

Golden Rocket Frog

The golden rocket frog is an endangered species found in the bromeliads lining the cliffsides near the Kaieteur waterfall.

View the full Guyana 2024 Wildlife & Scenery gallery in the archive (93 photos).

My scouting trip was a success overall, and I’m excited to announce the “Guyana: Land of Giants” photo tour!

Guyana 2026 Photo Tour


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