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Steve S., Brazil

“I’ve been very fortunate to join Max on a number of tours and felt fairly confident that nothing new would top places like South Africa or Patagonia. And then I went to Brazil. Wow! It’s difficult to find the words to describe this vibrant, wildlife enriched part of the world and do it justice. I saw a greater variety of plant, animal and insect species than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Like all of Max’s tours this one is first class all the way with front row access to all of the action. We saw exotic species in their natural environment doing what they do to survive. We saw jaguars climbing, swimming, feeding and hunting. There were giant otters fighting, birds, mammals and caiman fishing, mammals nursing and rarely spotted creatures like giant armadillos lumbering through the jungle. The list goes on. This is a tour that absolutely cannot be missed if you like all things wild. Thanks to Max, Fred (local guide extraordinaire) and a phenomenal group of fellow adventurers with whom I was blessed to share the experience.” — Steve. S