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Carpet cleaning: with these tips you can clean your carpet thoroughly

Especially with carpets, there are many soils for which a hoover is not the first choice. Soiling from soil, liquids and the like usually require special treatment. In the following, we will give you many tips and tricks on how you can clean your carpet properly in various cases and get it free of stains again.

Remove stains immediately - but gently!

Carpets are often delicate. That is why you should keep your nerve in case of a mishap and never rub the carpet wildly. This will only damage the fibre structure - in the worst case, the stain will still be visible afterwards.

Smarter and more effective is a special treatment that is carried out as quickly as possible, preferably immediately after the accident, because then the stain has not yet penetrated so deeply. In addition, absorbent kitchen paper, for example, is good at soaking up the liquid. This prevents the stain from spreading further.

In the meantime, there is a patent remedy for all kinds of stains that has proven itself through the ages. Whether it is the famous red wine stain or a problem with a pet - if you act prudently and immediately, it can usually be removed effortlessly. If mechanical treatment is essential, dab from the edge of the stain to the centre.

This will protect the carpet and absorb the spilled liquid. Absorbent kitchen paper is the best choice here. You should use kitchen paper to absorb most of the liquid before you proceed to remove the stain itself.

Then use soap or special carpet steam cleaner. It is best to test the whole thing on an inconspicuous spot beforehand to be safe from unpleasant surprises. But if there is not enough time because your beautiful carpet has to be treated immediately, then the following classics of stain removal may help.

Clean carpet: The tried and tested stain removers

Salt really does help against the dreaded red wine stain. Important: Spread it generously over the stain. Let the salt soak in for a few minutes, then vacuum it off carefully. But salt is not the only all-rounder. Carbonated mineral water also helps to clean the carpet and against many stains: Sparkling water fights impurities without damaging the carpet fibres. Take up the excess water afterwards with a towel.

Pet owners should know the baking soda trick: It helps against animal excrement or urine on the carpet. It also actively combats the odour that develops. The reason: baking soda contains baking soda, which has been used as a strong cleaning agent for decades. It is very easy to use: simply sprinkle some baking soda over the affected area.

Afterwards, you still need a little liquid so that the baking soda can work. It is best to spray hot water on the baking soda. Wait several hours, depending on the degree of contamination. Then vacuum the area.

By the way, vinegar and lemon juice also work in the same way as baking soda. All these agents fight the structure of the liquid, loosen it from the carpet and thus make it easier to clean. Vinegar or lemon, however, are more effective on stains that have already dried. So if you only notice later that a mishap has occurred, don't lose heart! There is certainly still something that can be done.

However, you should really test the vinegar and lemon juice on an inconspicuous spot before using it. In general, this is not a problem because the stain is already dry anyway. Both agents bleach - not every carpet pattern tolerates this.