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Gopro accessories tips

Kite mount

The kite mount* is specially designed for use on kites, i.e. kites. Especially interesting for kitesurfers, and other athletes who use a kite for locomotion, or even when flying kites. With this mount, the camera can be mounted directly high up in the strings of the kite. This gives a great perspective of yourself from above.

Backy Mount

A so-called backy mount* is something special. It is a frame, which allows you to film yourself from behind. There are different versions of this mount as well. Mostly they are put on like a backpack or strapped around the waist. The camera sits on a curved pole slightly above head level. At best, you don't see the rod and the tether in the video. With this attachment, you can watch yourself up close. Really madness such recordings.


If you want to conquer the skies with your camera, you can't get around this "GoPro accessory". There are various quadrocopters* - remote-controlled drones - to which the camera can be attached. In this way, really incredibly great aerial shots can be made in any landscape. With a little practice, you'll get the hang of the controls pretty quickly, and thanks to gimbals (3-axis stabilization), the shots will be largely shake-free. The quadrocopters really open up a whole new world of video recording.

Other accessories

In addition to mounts and attachments, there are quite a few other accessories.

It's a bit more inconspicuous and you might not think of it right away, but in some cases it's even more important than the mounts....

Cases & Suitcases

With such a huge pile of available accessories, it's not so easy to organize and transport all the stuff reasonably. For this purpose, there are extra cases*, bags and cases in various sizes, colors and shapes that specialize in GoPro accessories.

Battery BacPac

In many situations, you would already want a longer battery life for your camera. This is where the GoPro Battery BacPac* comes into play. This simply attaches to the back of the camera at the designated port, and roughly doubles the battery life. That's already a decent improvement.

Spare battery

A Battery BacPac makes the camera a bit bigger and heavier. If you don't mind this and don't need to take a long picture at a time, it's best to use a spare battery*. In any case, it is recommended to always have a fully charged second battery with you for changing. Nothing is more annoying than missing a great shot because of an empty battery...

Portable batteries

If you want to be on the safe side, if you can't use a power outlet for a longer period of time, or if you want to make an extremely long recording, a portable battery* is a good choice. This can be used to charge the batteries (several times), or can be connected directly to the camera while it is recording. This way, the recording time can be increased significantly.

You can find out more about GoPro batteries here.

AC charger

To be able to charge the camera at the wall socket, an adapter from USB to wall socket is needed. The GoPro AC charger* has two USB ports, so theoretically two cameras can be charged at the same time.

Battery charger

Another way to charge the battery is with a dedicated battery charger*. This allows multiple batteries to be charged without using the camera.

Car charger

The camera can also be charged via the cigarette lighter in the car. For this purpose, the car charger* - a USB adapter - is required.

Memory card

By far the most important GoPro accessory that is not yet included. Because without a memory card, the greatest camera brings nothing at all. Unfortunately, wrong memory cards are probably also the most common technical problem. So that everything goes smoothly with your recordings, you will find tips here on the right GoPro memory cards.

Remote control

The GoPro (Smart) Remote* lets you remotely control your camera from up to 180 meters away. You can start and stop recording and change settings as needed.

Tripod adapter

Photo tripods have a special thread size. To attach the GoPro camera to a conventional tripod, you need this small tripod adapter*. You can find a detailed description of the adapter here.


Of course, the housing is very important for the camera. It protects the camera and serves as an indispensable connection between camera and mount. Depending on the shooting situation, there are different housings to choose from.

Standard housing

The standard protective housing* is included in the scope of delivery. It gives the camera the typical look that is associated with it. It makes the camera waterproof and protects it from knocks, bumps and drops.