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What are the signs of an online dating scammer?

You can find liars almost anywhere including dating platforms. While the signs of an online dating scammer might not be exactly obvious, it’s totally possible to see them in time. Trust your intuition and be alert!

Your intuition matters

How could you even know what are the signs of an online dating scammer without relying on your intuition? Your intuition is important because your instincts can help keep you safe. Your gut feeling is like a little alarm inside you that senses when something might be wrong. It's like when you feel uneasy about a situation or a person, even if you can't explain why.

When you're dating someone on the Internet, your gut feeling can alert you if something doesn't seem right about the individual you're talking to. It's like a built-in protector. If you feel not comfortable or suspicious, it's a signal to be cautious and take things slowly.

Your instincts have been developing over your whole life, so they're pretty good at picking up on subtle signs. They're like a friend looking out for you, helping you with making good decisions about who to trust and who to be careful with.

So, always listen to that feeling in your stomach or that little voice in your head. If it's telling you to be cautious, it's wise to pay attention. It's an important part of keeping yourself safe in the world of Internet romance.

Pay attention to these signs

How do you know if an online dating scammer is playing with you? You can’t rely on your intuition only - it’s time to learn some serious signs.

Keep in mind that only one or two of these things don’t always mean that you’re talking to a catfish, but noticing a few of them in a row should make you really careful. Don’t let anyone fool you!

Too Perfect Profile

If their profile appears flawless, with amazing photos and an ideal life story, it might be a scam. Real people have imperfections, so if something seems too amazing to be real, then it probably is.

Quick "I Love You"

Be cautious if they express deep feelings of love very early in your dialogues. Liars often use this tactic to manipulate your emotions and trust.

Avoids Video Calls or Meeting

If they frequently avoid video calls or meeting in real life and make multiple weak excuses for it, it could be because they're hiding their real appearance or identity.

Asking for Financial Help

Liars often create sob stories and ask for some money or any financial assistance. Even if the situation seems urgent, be extremely suspicious about sending anything to an individual you've never met in real life.

Inconsistent Stories

Watch for inconsistencies in their stories, such as changes in their job, family, or location. If details don't add up, they may not be telling the truth.

Many Professions

If they claim to have numerous high-paying jobs or different professions each time you ask, they might be inventing stories to impress you.

Reluctance to Share Personal Details

Some scammers avoid sharing personal info like their address, family, or background. This secrecy is a sign they may be hiding their true identity.

Language and Grammar

Pay attention to their language use and grammar. Many scammers are not native English speakers, so their messages may contain unusual phrases or grammar mistakes.

Weird Timing

If they always message you at strange hours or don't seem to match your time zone, it may indicate they are in a different part of the world, which is a pretty common tactic for scammers.

Avoiding Real Meetings

If they frequently make excuses to avoid meeting in real life or creating solid plans, it could be another indication they are concealing their true identity.

While these detailed signs can help you recognize potential online scammers, remember to be cautious and prioritize your safety when interacting with people online, especially if something doesn't feel right.