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  • New Photos: Patagonia 2017 Wildlife & Scenery

    In early May I traveled to southern Chile for my first photo tour of the year: a sold out trip based in Patagonia.  This was my first year leading the Pumas of Patagonia tour following a successful scouting visit in 2016.  I was joined by six enthusiastic clients who were, of course, hoping to photograph pumas, but who were also

  • When Nature Goes Long

    We’re hitting the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, which typically marks the longest day of the year.  I hope you can get outside and soak in as much Vitamin D as possible.  Afterward, celebrate the occasion by perusing this tribute to… length?  Sure, how about we honor those members of nature who have to tote around long appendages!

  • Yellowstone Spring 2017 Trip Report: Days 14 & 15 (The End)

    June 9, 2017 My spring group tour wrapped up the night before, so Friday was spent shuttling clients to Bozeman, followed by a return to Gardiner.  Once I was back in town, I spent some time repacking, catching up on work, and preparing for a one day private tour that was scheduled for Saturday.   June 10, 2017 My clients

  • Yellowstone Spring 2017 Trip Report: Days 12 & 13

    June 7, 2017 I’m referring to this day as Yellowstone Strikes Back, since we struggled to find much to photograph after our banner day on Tuesday. We were awake before 4am, and on the road by 4:30.  The idea was to get down to the Lake and find grizzly bears, which had been seen the last couple days (as everyone

  • Yellowstone Spring 2017 Trip Report: Days 10 & 11

    June 5, 2017 I allowed my clients to sleep in Monday morning.  We didn’t leave until 5am. The day’s target was the northeast, a part of the park I purposely avoided the first day for variety’s sake.  Black bears were a big goal, and the northeast is a natural destination when that’s the case. However, we had a tough time