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  • Photos Added: Rwanda 2007 Nature & Wildlife

    I’ve resurrected another old photo collection for the archive. Recently I’ve had Africa on my mind, as I was originally supposed to be wrapping up my latest South Africa trip right about now. So I set out to tackle one of the older collections that originally appeared on my old website. As I’ve been doing with other older images I’ve

  • World Lion Day

    Today is World Lion Day, an occasion used to raise awareness about the “King of Beasts.” Lions have been celebrated through the centuries, so most people wouldn’t be surprised that they have their own special day, but instead of simply lauding the powerful feline, World Lion Day is meant to educate people about the plight of the species. World lion populations

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Spring 2020

    This may well be the last batch of new photos I publish this year. This gallery features images from my getaway to Yellowstone in early June (which I documented in my usual trip reports). It marked my first time missing Yellowstone in May in fourteen years, but we did arrive on June 1st, and had many great adventures and memorable wildlife

  • Comet NEOWISE and Husky Stadium

    Comet NEOWISE (Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) is making its brief appearance over the northern hemisphere right now, and I finally dragged myself out of the house to try and photograph it. As with the 2017 solar eclipse, I was feeling pretty ambivalent about the whole thing, and didn’t convince myself to do something until pretty late. In its

  • Ranking My First Fifty Trips to Yellowstone: #5 – 1

    Here we are. My five best trips to Yellowstone National Park, at least according to my current mood and how I feel about what makes for a successful trip. If you want to know exactly what my thought process was when ranking my first fifty visits to the park, check out the first post in this series. If you missed