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  • 2022 in Review: Photo Magazine Recounts the Year in Photography

    It’s time to start looking back at 2022. As usual, my year in review content kicks off with the publication of my yearbook magazine, PHOTO/22. I’ve enjoyed publishing this project each year since 2016. Though it’s not a big seller, I do have fun curating images and seeing them in print. This is also the public’s first chance to see my

  • For Sale: Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 Macro Lenses and 1D Mark IV Body

    I have three Canon EF lenses for sale, driven by my switch to mirrorless bodies in recent years. I may put additional lenses up for sale in the future, but for now you’ll find info on what I have available below.   Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L Macro I purchased this lens from Canon as a refurbished model… and have

  • New Photos: Alaska 2022

    I’ve published images from my final two trips of the year, both of which took me to Alaska. In late August, my son and I went on a short family adventure. We rented a camper van and went first to Kenai Fjords National Park (my first visit), and then back up to Denali National Park (which I had not seen

  • New Photos: Brazil 2022 Wildlife & Scenery

    This is Part Two of my Brazil collection. A couple weeks ago, I released the bird photos from my most recent Brazil tour. You can check those out in the archive (it was a great bird photography trip!). Now it’s time for the rest of the images. Mammals—especially jaguars—are a primary goal for most folks on my tour. The northern Pantanal