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  • Yellowstone Spring 2019 Trip Report, Days 11 – 13 (The End!)

    June 5, 2019 I’m trying to write this entry a day late, after coming off sixteen (Tuesday), fifteen (Wednesday) and fourteen (Thursday) hour days. With no midday breaks, that has meant very little sleep in between. I took a day off from writing. Now, in my half-conscious state, I have to try and recall what the heck happened on Wednesday

  • Yellowstone Spring 2019 Trip Report, Days 8 – 10

    June 2, 2019 Client pick-up day means a scramble to pack the car, clean up the cabin a bit and hit the road in time to get through the park and up to Bozeman in order to run errands before picking up folks at the airport or the hotel. All that leaves little time to photograph anything on the way

  • Yellowstone Spring 2019 Trip Report, Days 6 & 7

    May 31, 2019 Friday was brutally long, but fun. I kicked things off at 4am following about two hours of restless sleep. I had agreed to host a friend of a friend and his wife for a day in the park, so we had to meet at Roosevelt early to start our journey. In spite of some literal and mental

  • Yellowstone Spring 2019 Trip Report: Days 3-5

    Flashback to Monday… My mother and I were walking along the road after our brief moose-with-calf viewing, and a car pulled up. The lady in the passenger seat said, “Hi Max!” out her window. I thought, oh nice, it’s our guests at the neighboring cabin, whom I planned to say hi to later. “I’ll meet you guys up there in

  • Yellowstone Spring 2019 Trip Report, Days 0 – 2 (and a Prologue)

    Let’s Talk About Trip Reports “I love your trip reports!!“ “Looking forward to your photos and reports.“ “Are you going to do a trip report??“ “I enjoy your trip reports and look forward to reading those from your Spring trip.” “Maybe you should just not write trip reports.” About fifteen years ago, I started filing trip reports during my Yellowstone