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  • New Photos: Guyana 2024 Birds

    Back in January I headed to a new destination to scout for future photo tours. I’ve visited South America several times by now, but Guyana was never really on my radar. Until a client dug up information on a Harpy Eagle nest that seemed to produce reliable sightings. The Harpy, of course, was the top bird on my bucket list,

  • Lofty Goals, Expectations, and Defining Success in the Field

    It began fourteen months ago: planning. On a frozen road in the Yellowstone interior, photographers had converged near the Firehole River for a rare occurrence. This was a wildlife encounter I’d dreamed of for some time. In winters past I’d come up short time and again, a victim of bad timing when it came to finding the elusive bobcat that

  • New Photos: Kenya 2024

    In March I made my first real visit to Kenya. Not my first visit, mind you. That occurred during a one night layover in Nairobi while on my way to Rwanda in 2007. But this was the first time I was visiting and staying in Kenya to photograph wildlife. And did I go to the Masai Mara? I did not. This

  • New Photos: Borneo 2023

    Back in October I returned from the WPY festivities in London and immediately packed for my next photo adventure: scouting Malaysian Borneo! This was not my first visit to Borneo. Back in 2012, I was assigned a photo shoot in Hong Kong, so I scheduled a side trip to Malaysia. Unfortunately, I was called back to Hong Kong early, so

  • New Photos: Zambia 2023 Wildlife & Scenery

    All of my latest Zambia photos are finally in the archive! Last week I unveiled the images from our wild dog encounters (my highlight of 2023). At the same time that I added those images to the archive, I also uploaded the rest of my wildlife photos (to go with the bird photos added a couple months ago). Wild dogs