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  • New Photos: Patagonia 2022

    I’ve just returned from my first visit to Chile in three years, and somehow I’ve managed to process photos in record time! It probably helps that I’m still ignoring my winter Yellowstone images, and I’m skipping my usual Yellowstone spring visit (originally I was scheduled to leave tomorrow). That’s given me a bit more leeway to concentrate on my most

  • Thinking About Photographing the San Juan Island Foxes? Read This First.

    Author’s note: This is meant to primarily be an information piece, in order to spread the word about sudden changes to park regulations and enforcement on San Juan Island. Though it’s impossible for me to remain neutral on this topic given how it’s affected me personally and professionally, I am not writing this to debate the justification and reasoning behind

  • New Photos: Zambia 2021 Wildlife & Scenery

    Last week I debuted the first set of images from my September Zambia trip in the Zambia 2021 Birds gallery. Now it’s time to unleash the rest of the photos. There are a lot, since the trip was highly productive when it came to several different mammal species. The trip was spent in two primary areas: Lower Zambezi National Park

  • New Photos: Zambia 2021 Birds

    I have finally found time to process my next batch of photos. Has it really been seven months since my Zambia trip took place? And I’m only just getting them up. Yikes. Well, the job is done, and once again I’ve had to split the trip collection into two separate galleries. I’m starting with the bird photos. I enjoyed this trip

  • March WILDERness: Semi-Finals and Championship!

    We’ve reached the climax of the March WILDERness bracket. My followers on Facebook and Instagram have picked favorites between different animals for over two weeks. Regional winners have been decided, and we have our Last Four. A champion will be crowned by Monday night! Here’s the bracket following the April 12 championship game. Congratulations to our champion! Rounds of 16