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  • Yellowstone Winter 2018 Trip Report: Days 6 – 8

    January 27, 2018 Our second day of tour exploration started right on time again.  Give these clients credit.  They’re organized and punctual.  I could not rely on Mother Nature as much today though.  It was a gray day, with random bouts of wind and snow.  The sun did its best to break through, but never quite made it. Wildlife-wise, we

  • Yellowstone Winter 2018 Trip Report: Days 4 & 5

    January 25, 2018 Pick-up day for my first photo tour.  I’ve got eight clients on this privately-booked trip, some of whom have traveled with me in the past, with Zack Clothier helping out with guiding.  It should be a fun week.  Especially with the blustery snow storm coming in and laying a couple inches of fresh snow in Gardiner over

  • Yellowstone Winter 2018 Trip Report: Days 2 & 3

    January 23, 2018 I got a later start on Tuesday.  Maybe it was my subconscious desire to have it warm up a bit by the time I hit the park.  Didn’t work, as it bottomed out at 9 degrees at one point during the morning. It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was fighting off lingering clouds and bathed Hellroaring

  • Yellowstone Winter 2018 Trip Report: Days 0 & 1

    January 21, 2018 It’s been a while since I’ve flown out to Yellowstone for a winter trip, and it’s something I’ve never done for a tour-oriented trip.  But frankly, flying sounded easier and much less stressful than driving twelve hours each way in wintry conditions.  Even if it did mean having to pack way too many bags in order to

  • Photos Added: Yellowstone Winter 2014

    Soon I will depart for my first trip of the year.  I’ll be returning to Yellowstone to lead two winter photo tours.  It’ll be nice to be back in the park in winter, after missing out in 2016 due to the arrival of our baby.  Stay tuned for some short trip reports from the park during my upcoming stay.  In the