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  • New Photos: Yellowstone Spring 2023

    It seems like we just wrapped up this trip! If you followed my trip reports from my latest Yellowstone adventure, you’ll already have a good sense of what I saw and photographed. The final gallery doesn’t have a ton of images thanks in part to the fact that I had to cut it short by about five days, but I

  • Yellowstone Spring 2023 Trip Report, Days 8 & 9 (The End!)

    June 7, 2023 Another 3:45am day for me. Our goal on Wednesday was to arrive in the far northeast as early as possible in order to land some a) moose, and b) better opportunities with the fox kits that have barely peeked out during previous visits. We made pretty good time, considering the usual traffic concerns along the northern route.

  • Yellowstone Spring 2023 Trip Report, Days 6 & 7

    June 5, 2023 In a never-ending attempt to keep things fresh, new, and different, we targeted the northeast on Monday morning. It looked to be a nice day. Temps were still mild, and skies were relatively clear. My first goal was to check some of the black bear hot spots. Though we had seen several black bears the previous afternoon,

  • Yellowstone Spring 2023 Trip Report, Days 3 – 5

    June 2, 2023 Friday marked my last day of independence. So naturally I figured I should maximize my exploration time in Yellowstone by setting the alarm for an absurd time. When I was roused following a mere three hours of sleep, I quickly realized the error of my ways and opted to sleep in. I’m normally sleep-deprived during my tours,

  • Yellowstone Spring 2023 Trip Report, Days 0 – 2

    May 30, 2023 I nearly missed being in Yellowstone in May for the third time in four years! This is my favorite time of year in the park, and I was intending to arrive last Friday. But unforeseen circumstances pushed back my departure to Tuesday. After completely missing this trip last year (including an additional June visit that coincided with