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  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 4 & 5

    January 15, 2023 Client pickup day! Silver Gate finally had a fresh coat of snow on the car (and the ground). The fox had been through in the night again. My drive through the park was only interrupted once, when a nice bull moose (still had his antlers) crossed the road in front of me at Round Prairie. Otherwise, the

  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 0 – 3

    Please note, this report describes the annual winter bison hunt (under the January 13 entry), and contains some images from the hunt. Though the images are not gory, some readers may find them disturbing.   January 11, 2023 I returned to Yellowstone as a stranger. Everything felt foreign and out of place after nearly a year away. It was already

  • Best of 2022: Favorite Photos and Moments of the Year

    It’s been an interesting twelve months, to say the least. Though it initially seemed like things would be back on track from a tour and travel perspective following the peak of COVID-shutdowns and cancellations, I was a bit too optimistic in thinking things would go smoothly. I did get to lead a number of tours, but my spring fox tours suddenly

  • 2022 in Review: Sharing Top Work From My Peers

    One of my favorite parts of the Year in Review series is when I get a chance to share the work of my peers with my audience. These are folks whose work I admire and respect, and in some cases with whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing time in the field. As always, the purpose of this article is

  • 2022 in Review: Not Quite Best of the Year

    Though the 2022 travel slate didn’t quite go as planned, I still managed to enjoy some fun adventures that produced plenty of photo highlights. As is often the case, when I have a productive photo year, I like to pick out not only my favorite images, but also some of the “runner up” moments that didn’t make the final cut.