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  • Best of 2023, Part 1: Favorite Photos and Moments of the Year

    It was a wonderful twelve months for photography. When I compare with past years, I’d say this was probably my most productive year since 2016 (when I traveled a little too much). I was on the road quite a bit in 2023, but that’s a good thing following three years of disruptions caused by COVID and Yellowstone floods. I hosted

  • 2023 in Review: Sharing Top Work From My Peers

    One of my favorite annual posts is the year-end Peers collection. This year, my schedule threw things off a bit. I invited more photographers than ever to join in on the fun, but because I was forced to move the publication date up closer to Christmas, it was harder for people to get me their photos in time. Nonetheless, we

  • 2023 in Review: Not Quite Best of the Year

    This was a busy, busy year. It felt good to be back out there, and I was fortunate to share many of these experiences with clients. As is often the case when I have a productive photo year, I like to pick out not only my favorite images, but also some of the “runner up” moments that didn’t make the

  • 2023 in Review: Sharing My Clients’ Photos

    My Year in Review series kicks off in earnest with a collection of photos from my tour clients. This was my busiest year for tours in some time. At least I can say I had more clients than ever, and I thank them dearly for joining me on these wonderful adventures. All photos below are posted with permission and remain

  • 2023 in Review: Entertainment and Literature

    It’s time for my latest list of favorites from the year in literature, movies, and television. Note that the list may contain titles seen or read in late 2022 (after the last list was published), and it isn’t confined to titles released in 2023. The Best Books I Read in 2023 I tried to be a bit better about reading,