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  • 2017 Husky Football: Washington 44, UCLA 23

    A day game!  I completely forgot the usual routine for a “normal” kickoff, but somehow managed to make it to the stadium in time. The Huskies had two weeks to stew over their loss to ASU in the desert, and it felt like today’s game against UCLA would go a long way in setting the tone for the rest of

  • Honors in Windland Smith Rice Awards: See My Photos in the Smithsonian

    While I was out of touch with civilization during my recent Canada tour, the winners of the 22nd annual Windland Smith Rice awards were announced.  This photo contest, presented by Nature’s Best Photography magazine, is considered one of the world’s most prestigious nature photography competitions.  There are the usual monetary prizes and bragging rights, but many of the winners and

  • Breaking Up With Yellowstone

    Hello, Beautiful.  I didn’t know how else to bring this up, so I’m writing a letter.  I know, it would be more courageous for me to say this face to face, but at least I’m not doing it via text. I think we should see other people. Haven’t you had the feeling that this full time, long term commitment thing

  • 2018 Red Fox Calendar

    The third of my brand new 2018 calendar themes focuses on red foxes.  A friend requested a fox theme last year for his son, so I quickly threw it together at the last minute.  I decided to carry the theme over and make it available to everyone this year.  This calendar features photos of wild foxes photographed in the Greater

  • Yellowstone Fall 2017 Trip Report

    This is the first time I can remember writing a single report for an entire trip (not counting last year’s one day fall experience), but circumstances didn’t quite demand multiple reports this time around.   October 2, 2017 I’m out in Yellowstone on a family trip, which means more time on the road to/from the park (two days each way