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  • Honors in the 2016 Yellowstone Forever Competition

    For the second year in a row, I was honored with some images in the Top 100 of the Yellowstone Forever photo contest.  The competition is put on by Nature’s Best Photography Magazine and Yellowstone Forever (formerly the Yellowstone Park Foundation). After placing seven photos in last year’s top 100, I only entered a few images in this year’s contest,

  • Gear Review: Dr. Chef KAC-45 Microwave Oven Camera

    It’s often said that when you pick your first SLR camera, you’re making a brand choice that will last the rest of your life.  Those who are serious about photography quickly start acquiring lenses, accessories and additional camera bodies to the point where switching brands is no longer feasible, at least not without taking a major financial hit. When I

  • Photos Added: India 2015 Wildlife

    I recently shared my cultural and travel photos from my 2015 India trip.  Of course, the primary focus of that trip was wildlife, and though it took nearly two years to finish processing a relatively small amount of photos, I can finally say the images are online. This latest gallery features wildlife photos from Hemis National Park in northern India,

  • A Splash of Color

    For many of us, winter is a cold, dull and dreary time of year.  Here in the greater Seattle area, we don’t get a ton of snow, so generally when we look outside it’s gray, grey or grayish.  Deciduous trees blend together in shades of brown.  Grass is yellow or brown, depending on how much mud is mixed in. In

  • Photos Added: India 2015 Travel & Culture

    In early 2015 I scouted India as a prospective destination for future wildlife tours.  I spent nearly a month there, splitting time between the Himalayas (where I went to look for snow leopards) and the central part of the country (where tigers were my main goal). Though wildlife was my primary focus, I did have a couple opportunities to explore