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  • Gear Review: Think Tank Photo Emergency Rain Cover (Large)

    During my recent run of winter trips I was patiently waiting for an opportunity to try out my latest piece of equipment for review, Think Tank’s Emergency Rain Cover. To properly test it, I needed some foul weather. Yellowstone National Park did its best to provide an opportunity. After a run of cold, dry days, I finally had a chance to stand outdoors

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wildlife & Scenery

    My 2020 winter Yellowstone trip was the best winter experience I’ve ever had in the park. I headed over in mid-January to spend a week on my own in the northern range before kicking off my winter photo tour. For the tour, we spent three days on a private snow coach in the park interior, followed by three more days

  • Trying to See the World in Black and White

    In January I spent two weeks in Yellowstone. With no winter visit the year before, I was looking forward to finally returning to park at this time of year. At the time I was feeling inspired… almost fired up! This was my first winter visit to Yellowstone trip since I created what is now my most well-known photo, and I found myself wanting

  • New Photos from Three Short Trips: China, Manitoba, Oregon

    In the last few months I’ve had a number of shorter excursions (sandwiched around a longer one to Yellowstone), each of which yielded a few photos. Since there’s not a lot of new content from these trips, I decided to post about each of them here.   China 2019 Back in November, I was invited to take part in the

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Traveling Exhibition (Updated Feb, 2020)

    This is an updated list of venues for the traveling WPY55 exhibition, as of February 2020. I’ve written plenty about my recent experience at the fifty-fifth Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in London, where my snowy bison image was honored with a category win, but did you know that you don’t have to travel all the way to London to see this