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  • New Photos: Mongolia 2022

    Last year an idea for a new scouting excursion began forming rather quickly, after my schedule freed up a bit and I received some input from a client who was planning a trip to see one of the world’s most elusive cat species, the Pallas’s cat. Her destination? Mongolia, a place that had not really been on my radar for

  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 16 & 17 (The End!)

    January 27, 2023 A winter storm was due to descend on the greater Yellowstone area by Thursday evening. Peeks out my hotel room door confirmed that it had arrived on schedule, and by Friday morning I was brushing a few inches of snow off the car and scraping ice off the windows. Once we got going, it seemed that the

  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 14 & 15

    January 25, 2023 We switched up our strategy for our final day in the Yellowstone interior. No detours, no chasing leads… just straight to Hayden Valley for some early morning exploration. We assumed, of course, that we’d be able to see something, but the northern part of the valley was socked in with fog. Eventually, things did clear slightly. In

  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 11 – 13

    January 22, 2023 This was client drop-off and pick-up day, when I said goodbye to my first tour group, and hello to my second. The whole process went rather smoothly, though this odd sighting greeted us as we left Gardiner in the morning. After hugs and goodbyes to the Ravenettes (many of whom I will see again on other tours

  • Yellowstone Winter 2023 Trip Report, Days 8 – 10

    January 19, 2023 Thursday marked a return to the northern range for me, and the first day there for my clients during this tour. From my perspective, little has changed since last week. It was pretty slow then, and by most accounts remained so during our time in the interior. Our exploration on Thursday didn’t change that thought, but we