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  • Yellowstone Winter 2022 Trip Report, Days 0 – 4

    January 12, 2022 Aaaaand we’re back. After three months away, I’m kicking off my 2022 travel slate with a couple of winter Yellowstone tours. Last year’s winter trips were great fun, so I’m hoping for repeat luck. One problem: the park needs more snow! For about a two-month stretch between October and December, there was virtually no snowfall. I hoped

  • Best of 2021: Favorite Photos and Moments of the Year

    As I mentioned in my Not Quite Best of 2021 post, it was nice to just have a year during which I took pictures at a somewhat normal frequency. I even had a chance to travel overseas again (two Africa trips!), no small feat during COVID, but something I felt could be done safely and which felt so good. It

  • 2021 in Review: Sharing Top Work From My Peers

    One of my favorite parts of the Year in Review series is when I get a chance to share the work of my peers with my audience. These are folks whose work I admire and respect, and in some cases with whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing time in the field. As always, the purpose of this article is

  • 2021 in Review: Not Quite Best of the Year

    It was nice to have a year in which I could pick a decent crop of favorite images and have a list of runners-up that didn’t quite make it. Twenty-Twenty-One gave me more opportunities to travel and get out to take pictures, and I enjoyed spending time reliving some of these moments as I whittled down my list. In some cases,

  • 2021 in Review: Sharing My Clients’ Photos

    My Year in Review series kicks off in earnest with a collection of photos from my tour clients. I was happy to get more opportunities to work with guests this year, but due to COVID some trips still had to be cancelled or postponed. So I’ve tried to supplement this small collection with images from my early 2020 clients (who