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  • Introducing the “March Wilderness” Wildlife Bracket

    It’s bracket time here in the States, so I’ve decided to put together a bracket featuring sixty-four different species, as part of a just-for-fun game I’ll be running on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I’ll ask folks to vote on their favorite animals in head-to-head showdowns, as we whittle the field down to a last four, and eventually, a “champion.” And

  • 2022 – 23 Tour and Workshop Update

    Things are changing rapidly on the photo tour front. I wanted to post a quick update about where things currently stand with my upcoming workshops and tours over the next couple years, especially since there are a couple of rare open spots left that may be claimed at any moment! Here’s a breakdown of what’s on tap, listed chronologically:  

  • Some Valentine’s Day Advice… From the Birds

    Birds are fascinating creatures. As I’ve previously written, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for them over the years, in large part due to their varied and intricate behavior. This is particularly true when it comes to courtship. So on this Valentine’s Day, who better to turn to for romantic advice than the seasoned and knowledgeable members of the avian world…

  • Yellowstone Winter 2022 Trip Report, Days 16 & 17 (The End!)

    January 28, 2022 We hit -21F Friday morning. Yeah, that was cold, though honestly, I felt worse when it was 28 and windy later in the day. But I still had to break out my thicker gloves for the first time on this trip. My giant Michelin Man jacket still hasn’t been dusted off, however, so we haven’t reached true

  • Yellowstone Winter 2022 Trip Report, Days 13 – 15

    January 25, 2022 Pretty much every day now starts with a wolf search. Monday produced several nice bison moments, and though it was more low key, Tuesday morning followed the same pattern. Bison snarled traffic south of Fountain Paint Pots. And after coming up empty on the canid front, we paused again for a nice frosty bull who was drawing