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  • Yellowstone Winter 2021 Trip Report, Days 21 – 22

    February 24, 2021 Wednesday was our final day in the interior on this tour. How could we follow up double marten action from the day before? Well, we did our best to come up with something good. You decide how we did. We were expecting cold and sunny skies on Wednesday. We got the cold, but it was overcast with

  • Yellowstone Winter 2021 Trip Report, Days 18 – 20

    February 21, 2021 Client pick-up day! I slept in (much-needed, despite the temptation to explore for a couple hours in the morning), and then made the drive from Silver Gate up to Bozeman, and eventually down to West Yellowstone. The tour was scheduled to start in the interior on Monday. So, nothing to report. Instead, please enjoy some photography from

  • Yellowstone Winter 2021 Trip Report, Days 15 – 17

    This is “Part Two” of my winter 2021 trip report series, since I’m back in the park for the next ten days for a private tour.   February 18, 2021 Flying in to Bozeman, I peered out the window. It looked bright, which meant it also looked cold. Perfect. After procuring a vehicle, lunch and some supplies, I drove south.

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Fall 2020

    The latest gallery in the photo archive contains images from two trips to Yellowstone, both of which took place in October last year. The first was a family trip… a lot of fun, but little in the way of photography. The second was more intense, with a lot of nice and surprising photo opportunities coming out of it. If you

  • Gear Review: Gitzo GT3543XLS Tripod and Gimbal Fluid Head

    This fall I received a couple of items from Gitzo for review: the GT3543XLS carbon fiber tripod, and the Gimbal Fluid Head (GHFG1). As a previous Gitzo owner, I was curious about the advances made in their products, and this was my first chance to try out one of their tripod heads. Before I get started, I feel it’s important