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  • 2019 Animal Families Calendar

    The second of the new 2019 nature and wildlife calendars I’m previewing is Animal Families. In the past, I’ve published a few baby animal calendars, like Little Yellowstone and Little Africa. This year’s baby-centric theme is a bit broader, featuring wildlife from around the world… but each photo depicts the cute little critters with at least one of their parents. You can preview and

  • 2018 Husky Football: Washington 27, Colorado 13

    I missed the last two home games due to photo adventures on the road, but my travel schedule has wrapped up for the year, so I’m looking forward to covering the rest of the 2018 home slate. The Huskies were looking to rebound following last week’s letdown in Eugene. They seemed to start a bit flat and the game remained

  • New Photos: Alaska 2018

    In mid-September I made a quick trip north to Alaska to visit the Silver Salmon Creek Lodge at Lake Clark National Park. A number of my clients have had good experiences at Lake Clark, so I felt I was overdue for a visit, but scheduling a short trip late in the season was the only way I’d be able to

  • 2019 Yellowstone Calendar

    Each year I publish nine nature and wildlife calendars. Four of those are “classic” calendars, bringing back images from the previous year with an updated calendar grid for folks who may not have had a chance to order them the year before. The other five themes are brand new calendars with all new photos. You can now preview and order

  • Yellowstone Fall 2018 Trip Report, Days 5 & 6 (The End)

    September 27, 2018 Thursday we were supposed to take a break from the classic sunrise shoots in the Tetons and focus on wildlife, yet we still found ourselves down at Schwabacher Landing first thing in the morning. Mainly because I had received a report of beaver and otter activity near there during the previous morning. Having photographed beavers near the