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  • The Subtle, Secret Life of Yellowstone’s Northeast Corner

    The morning I began writing this, I awoke early. Not Explore the Park Early, but I wasn’t intending on going anywhere and sleeping in would have been preferable. We were out at the cabin, and the rest of my family was blessed to remain in dreamland. A subtle glow lit up the blinds as I tip-toed downstairs. I flipped on

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Traveling Exhibition (Updated April 2021)

    I’m very excited that I’ve had a photo awarded in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for the second year in a row. This means that once again, my work will be on display at London’s Natural History Museum and traveling the world as part of the roaming WPY exhibit. The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the exhibition tour for

  • Producing Larger Files with the Canon R5 and Gigapixel AI

    I was getting ready to share another photo from my recent Yellowstone winter trips. It was one of the images from my best wolf encounter this winter, and I was planning to share some of the technical background behind it. But I kept writing and writing… and soon I realized I may as well turn my ramblings into a short

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2021

    Photos from my January and February Yellowstone trips have been added to the photo archive. I was first in the park in late January, spending a week on my own before leading my first photo tour in a year. I then returned in the next month after getting a request for a private tour. I arrived a couple days early

  • New Photos: The Coyote Ate the Fox

    I have completed my Yellowstone Winter 2021 photo collection. It covers my January and February trips to the park, and if you’d really like to spoil any surprises you can jump to the photo archive immediately to get a sneak peek. Otherwise, I plan on previewing more of the new images in the blog next week. First, I wanted to