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  • The New Big 5

    One of my photographic peers has recently launched an interesting initiative. to get folks to agree on a new “Big Five.” Many people have heard of The Big Five in relation to wildlife, but not everybody knows which animals are part of this group… and even fewer know where the term comes from. It was initially coined in Africa, and

  • New Video: An Introduction to Yellowstone Wolves

    A friend recently asked me if I’d put together a presentation offering a basic introduction to the topic of wolves in Yellowstone. I think he was hoping for new content to show his son during the Coronavirus shutdown, but instead of doing a slideshow or a Zoom presentation, I decided to publish a video on my YouTube channel. This is

  • 2020 Spring Sale: Discounts on Prints, New Calendars, and More

    Like many business owners around the world, I am being affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. This is happening to many people in my profession and those who are similarly tied to the world of travel. As a result, I’ve got to find ways to generate a little extra income, so why not stimulate some sales with some spring discounts and

  • New Video: Yellowstone’s Winter Wolves

    As a companion piece to the new gallery of wolf photos I just published, I’ve uploaded my first Yellowstone video in several years: Yellowstone’s Winter Wolves. I used to shoot a lot more video during my trips in the park—you can see all of the compilations I put together from those trips on my YouTube Channel—but eventually a lack of time

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wolves

    I shared the first batch of photos from my stellar winter Yellowstone trip last week. Now it’s time for the main event: wolves! My best-ever winter visit to the park was great in many regards, but what really put it over the top was the multiple good wolf encounters. It’s rare enough for me to have one close (i.e., within 200