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  • Thoughts From the Great American (Eclipse) Migration

    This weekend I joined millions of Americans from the north and south as we converged on the central corridor of the United States to witness a solar eclipse.  Almost immediately after the eclipse ended, about 98% of those people turned around and headed for home, causing perhaps the biggest traffic event in U.S. history.  From Washington and Oregon, to Idaho,

  • Gear Review: MindShift Gear MP-1 V2.0 and MP-3 V2.0 Photo Backpacks

    When MindShift Gear told me they’d be sending me a new Moose Peterson series backpack for review, I was expecting to receive one bag.  Instead, I got two, the large MP-1 V2.0 and the medium-sized MP-3 V2.0.  So it’s taken a while to finish up this review, as I wanted to have a chance to test both bags in the

  • Nature and Travel Web Stories You May Have Missed

    Occasionally, interesting or unique articles and videos pop up on my social media feeds depicting some rare or interesting wildlife and nature footage.  I thought it might be fun to share some of these links and stories here, in case you missed them.  Okay, I admit not everything is going to be nature-related, and occasionally some of these items might

  • Owls I Have Known

    Did you know that this Friday, August 4th, is International Owl Awareness Day? To honor this day, here’s a collage featuring most of the owls I have encounter in the wild during my travels abroad and closer to home: Owl species depicted above, from left to right: Row 1: Spectacled, Snowy, Great Horned, Great Gray, Austral Pygmy, Pearl Spotted Owlet,

  • New Photos: Idaho Spring Birds & Wildlife 2017

    On my way to Yellowstone this year, I made a detour.  It was the Memorial Day Weekend, which meant the national park would be swamped with holiday visitors.  In 2016 I successfully avoided these crowds by checking out a couple spots nearby in eastern Idaho: Camas National Wildlife Refuge and Market Lake Wildlife Management Area.  The visit proved to be