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  • 2015 Husky Football: Washington 49, Sacramento State 0

    It’s time for the first home game of the football season here at Husky Stadium.  What a gorgeous day to open the home schedule, as the Dawgs looked to bounce back from their opening loss with a win against the Sacramento State Hornets.  The Huskies prevailed 49-0. Before we get to the photos, I’d like to give a quick shout

  • Top Ten Yellowstone Spring 2015 Wildlife Encounters, #2-1

    It’s time to finish off this week’s countdown of my favorite spring wildlife encounters and subjects from Yellowstone.  If you missed the rest of the list, check out my previous posts here and here.   #2: Wolves As with #1 on this list, my runner up is actually a compilation of multiple encounters.  The collective sightings and photo opportunities presented

  • Top Ten Yellowstone Spring 2015 Wildlife Encounters, #6-3

    With my 2015 Fall Yellowstone and Grand Teton photo tour just around the corner, I’m looking back at my last visit to the park, which occurred in May and June.  I’m counting down my top ten wildlife encounters of the spring.  If you missed #10-7 on the list, take a look here.   #6: Coyote Den On Monday I mentioned

  • Top Ten Yellowstone Spring 2015 Wildlife Encounters, #10-7

    I love lists.  I really do.  Give me an idea for a Top Five or Top Ten Whatevers, and I’ll run with it.  Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t published a list on the blog until now.  That’s about to change. Now that I’ve published my full collection of images from my spring Yellowstone trip (view the galleries here, here and

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Spring 2015 Wildlife & Scenery

    I’ve uploaded the last of three galleries featuring photos of from my six week spring adventure in Yellowstone.  Previously, I added wild horse photos and black and grizzly bear photos to the archive. The Yellowstone Spring 2015 Wildlife & Scenery gallery contains the rest of the images from the trip.  That is, all of the non-bear/horse wildlife and a few