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  • Yellowstone Winter 2020 Trip Report, Days 4-5

    January 15, 2020 It was a struggle getting out of bed on Wednesday. I still hadn’t made up for the too-early wakeup time the previous morning, and it seems like I’m fighting off a cold each morning on this trip. But I forced myself into action. Slow action, but still… This was the first time I didn’t have any fresh

  • Yellowstone Winter 2020 Trip Report, Days 2-3

    January 13, 2020 I tried to get out the door a little earlier Monday morning, in the off chance the wolves had returned or were lingering near the kill site. I didn’t make good time though, as I kept stopping for random things. Actually, most of the stops were bison-related, wider photos of the winter landscape. The east end of

  • Yellowstone Winter 2020 Trip Report, Days 0 – 1

    I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a few reasons. It’s been a couple years since my last winter visit to Yellowstone. Gone are the days when we’d make the trip out after Christmas each year (at least until our son is older). So now I only get out when I’m leading a tour, as I will be doing

  • Best of 2019: Favorite Photos and Moments of the Year

    I’m grateful that I continue to have the opportunity to travel for my photography work, sharing so many fun experiences in amazing wild places with my clients, while also maintaining some semblance of balance with home and family life. There’s no question my photography highlight of the year was receiving the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Black and White honor

  • 2019 in Review: Sharing Top Work From My Peers

    One of my favorite features of the Year in Review series of posts is when I share the best work from my fellow photographers. Many are pros, some are semi-professionals or hobbyists, but they all have produced some fantastic images over the years. I hope you’ll take time to see their highlighted images below and visit their websites/social media accounts to see