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  • When Sports Nearly Killed Off My Love of Sports

    We evolve throughout our lives.  I’ve always believed that a life can be broken down into different periods, eras, etc. that are shaped significantly by major factors or changes.  We change careers, we begin and end relationships, we move, we have children, and we develop new hobbies and interests.  How significantly these changes can affect the direction of our lives

  • Animal Identification Throwdown: Golden Jackal vs… Golden Jackal?

    When I was compiling images for my 2016 Wild Canids calendar, I found photos of golden jackals in my archive.  Since I was hoping to present a different canid species every month, it was nice to find the golden jackals to complement the black-backed and side-striped jackals I was already planning to include in the calendar.  It was simply a

  • August Print Sale: Three Days Left!

    A quick reminder that my August print sale continues for only a couple more days.  You can get 20% photo prints in my Fine Art America storefront using the coupon code On top of the print discount, you can order a wide variety of mats and frames for your print, as well as other gift and household items.  FAA

  • Client Photos: Spring Yellowstone Group #1

    I led three consecutive group tours this spring in Yellowstone.  The first group was my largest, made up of six fun-loving, adventurous photographers from all corners of the US.  Bill, Dee, Jack, Rick, Sheila and Steve really made this week a lot of fun, and we had some tremendous sightings and encounters throughout the week. One of the best things

  • 2016 Calendars: Pacific Northwest

    In case you missed it, my 2016 nature and wildlife calendars are now on sale.  This year I’m offering nine different themes in the MW Store, including five brand new calendars with all new images and four “Classic” calendars, which are holdovers from last year. I like to bring back a few Classic calendars each year for those who may