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  • Photos Added: Yellowstone Fall 2014

    I’ve added another Yellowstone gallery to the archive.  The Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Fall 2014 gallery features images from my 2014 autumn photo tour in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks, as well as some photos from the extra time I spent on my own. The photo tour wasn’t wildlife specific, as we wanted to take advantage of the

  • Rediscovering Nature

    This advertisement from Nature Valley Canada made the rounds on social media recently.     Note: Nature Valley removed the ad sometime after I wrote this article.  It was three minutes long, showing how today’s modern child is beholden to technology and is forsaking the outdoors.   I don’t have a child, so the relationships and “parental responsibility” depicted and,

  • Photos Added: South Africa 2014

    In addition to my Botswana 2014 gallery, I’ve uploaded a gallery of images from my 2014 South Africa visit.  Both galleries feature photos taken during my photo tour that year, a very fun and productive two week adventure that yielded loads of images.  There are over 500 photos from this trip on the site! The South Africa 2014 gallery contains

  • Animal ID Throwdown Follow-Up: Whither the Mink?

    I received a nice response to the Otter/Beaver/Muskrat Throwdown piece I posted a while ago.  Among the comments on Facebook, Katie asked, “Where’s the mink?” Good point.  The otter, beaver and muskrat aren’t Yellowstone’s only small aquatic furry animals.  The mink is also a highly adept swimmer, and displays some similarities to the other species in question when in the

  • Photos Added: Borneo 2012

    I’ve had a chance to upload my first gallery of wildlife in the Asia and Oceania collection.  In 2012, during my trip to Hong Kong, I was able to schedule a side trip to Malaysian Borneo.  Unfortunately, work forced me to cut the visit short, but I still squeezed in a couple days at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. For such