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  • Photos Added: South Africa 2014

    In addition to my Botswana 2014 gallery, I’ve uploaded a gallery of images from my 2014 South Africa visit.  Both galleries feature photos taken during my photo tour that year, a very fun and productive two week adventure that yielded loads of images.  There are over 500 photos from this trip on the site! The South Africa 2014 gallery contains

  • Animal ID Throwdown Follow-Up: Whither the Mink?

    I received a nice response to the Otter/Beaver/Muskrat Throwdown piece I posted a while ago.  Among the comments on Facebook, Katie asked, “Where’s the mink?” Good point.  The otter, beaver and muskrat aren’t Yellowstone’s only small aquatic furry animals.  The mink is also a highly adept swimmer, and displays some similarities to the other species in question when in the

  • Photos Added: Borneo 2012

    I’ve had a chance to upload my first gallery of wildlife in the Asia and Oceania collection.  In 2012, during my trip to Hong Kong, I was able to schedule a side trip to Malaysian Borneo.  Unfortunately, work forced me to cut the visit short, but I still squeezed in a couple days at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. For such

  • 2016 Calendars: Wild Cats

    As you know, all of my 2016 calendars are on sale.  I’d like to preview one of my brand new themes for this year, the Wild Cats calendar.  Some of you may remember that I did a Big Cats calendar several years ago.  This is sort of the sequel to that one, but I had to change the name since

  • MalaMala Named 2nd Best Safari Park in Africa

    In a bit of news that didn’t really come as a surprise, MalaMala Game Reserve was named the second-best safari park in all of Africa, based on expert and tourist reviews. Located in the Sabi Sands conservation area bordering Kruger National Park, MalaMala is my favorite destination for African wildlife photography, and is considered by many to be the best