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  • Yellowstone Spring 2015 Trip Report, Days 30 & 31 (June 9 & 10)

    Day 30, June 9 I marked a full month in Yellowstone with a super early wake-up call.  I have to give kudos to my clients, who are willing to hit the road at 4:15 in the morning just to get down to Hayden Valley for a sunrise which may or may not be visible and photographable. This morning was sort

  • Yellowstone Spring 2015 Trip Report, Days 27-29 (June 6-8)

    I’m finally caught up transferring 2015 Spring Trip Reports!  From now on, trip reports are being posted live here on the blog. Day 27, June 6 I kinda hoped I’d sleep in a bit later than 5:30, but my body’s been programmed at this point.  I returned my clients to Bozeman and had a free afternoon to start prepping for

  • Yellowstone Spring 2015 Trip Report, Days 23-26 (June 2-5)

    Day 23, June 2 A long and exhausting day. Any day that starts at dawn in Hayden Valley is like that. Unfortunately, the fog lingered through much of the morning, so visibility was non-existent for a while. The Lake area was beautiful, but no wildlife aside from geese and bison appeared in the morning mist. Really hoped for a grizzly,

  • Yellowstone Spring 2015 Trip Report, Days 19-22 (May 29 – June 1)

    Day 19, May 29 Even though it was my last day of “freedom” before my group tours commenced, I chose to sleep in. I won’t have many opportunities to do that in the coming weeks. We got a late start, but still saw a black bear just inside the NE gate, bighorn ewes (with my first lamb of spring) and

  • Yellowstone Spring 2015 Trip Report, Day 18 (May 28)

    Day 18, May 28 I immediately transitioned to playing tour guide for family on Thursday. So I forced them to wake up at 5 and hit the road much earlier than they’d prefer, just as my dad did to me during our first Yellowstone trip back in ’88. Unfortunately, it was extremely wet and foggy in the morning. We drove