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  • The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

    In southern Africa, a foreign national arrived from the north to hunt big game.  He hired a local guide to help him track and kill the greatest of trophies, a male lion.  The hunter, an arrogant man, liked to boast about his past kills and daydreamed of taking down the King of Beasts.  He and his tracker pursued their quarry

  • New Photos: Yellowstone Spring 2015 Bears

    I’ve made good progress processing my most recent trip photos.  Normally, it can take month or years to wrap up processing from some of my big trips, but the Spring 2015 Yellowstone trip is nearly finished.  I already uploaded wild horse photos from the trip, and now a second gallery of images is online. This gallery contains photos of bears

  • 2016 Calendars Are Now On Sale!

    You can now preview and purchase my 2016 nature and wildlife calendars in the online store. I’m offering nine different themes for 2016, including five brand new calendars with all new images, and four “Classic” calendars, held over from the 2015 series. The five new calendar themes include: Galapagos Islands: This is the second Galapagos calendar I’ve published.  This one

  • The Indomitable Pig

    This week we lost a member of the family, Jenn’s hedgehog Triscuit. Those of you who have had to say goodbye to pets know it’s never easy.  This was one was as tough as you might expect, in part because Triscuit had overcome so much already. African pygmy hedgehogs, which are smaller and much cuter than their European cousins, aren’t

  • MW3.0: Using the Archive and Purchasing Photos

    This is the second–and possibly final–tutorial showing you how to navigate and use the new  If you missed my first article discussing the general elements of the site, click here. Using the Photo Archive It’s time to tackle another tutorial on how to use the most important part of the website: the photo archive.  This is a huge departure