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  • Fourth of July Memories: 2003

    A couple times over the years I’ve been in Yellowstone on the fourth of July.  This was back in the days before I discovered the wonders of spring in the park.  Since I had that epiphany, summer trips have largely been a thing of the past (with one notable exception).  Still, my early July trips were pretty good.  You had

  • 2015 Fall Yellowstone & Grand Teton Extended Photo Tour: 4 Spots Left

    This fall I will be returning to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to host a very special photo tour.  Co-led by professional photographer Zack Clothier, this extended tour will allow our group to take better advantage of the incredible photo opportunities found in two national parks! Autumn is a great time to visit both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, as it

  • B&H’s Weekly Photo Deals

    I’m an affiliate of B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon, Think Tank and MindShift Gear, so every so often you’ll see me sharing some of their latest deals.  Your purchases from these vendors (via my affiliate links) do earn me a small commission, and I certainly appreciate it when you help my business. B&H, for example, has weekly deals on photo gear

  • Photos Added: Vancouver Island Coastal Wolves & Wildlife

    I’m doing my best to get old galleries moved over to the new site.  The latest upload is a small collection of images from a short trip to Vancouver Island in the fall of 2011.  The primary goal of this trip was to find and photograph coastal gray wolves, which had been seen throughout the summer in the region. On

  • Animal Identification Throwdown: Otter vs. Beaver vs. Muskrat

    Every spring when I visit Yellowstone, it’s a tradition to hike to Trout Lake to search for river otters.  Trout Lake is historically the most reliable spot to see otters in the park, but the best time is generally in early summer, not spring.  Usually around mid-June visitors begin to see otters at the lake with relative frequency.  This happens