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The Purple and the Gold, Est. 1997

This is the new home for The Purple and The Gold fantasy football league, established by Husky Band members in 1997.  Below you will find all pertinent information, including draft order, league history, league rules and more.  If you have any questions, please contact Max.

2015 Season Recap

2015 was a season dominated by mediocrity.  Game scores were way down, with many close games in the seventies and eighties (or worse) and fewer games above 110 points.  By the end of the regular season, there were several 7-7 teams scattered across the league.  One of these managed to sneak into the playoffs as a division champ and won the championship.  This was probably due to numerous injuries and a very high attrition rate.  Max, for example, only had one player he actually drafted on his roster by the end of the year.

Congratulations to Brian, who won his second league title.  He prevented Matt from joining Jay and Max as the only owners with at least three championships.  These four remain the only owners with multiple titles in league history.

At the bottom end of the playoff bracket, Jay won the rights to next year’s first overall pick.  Refer to the draft order at right to see where you are picking next season.

Here are the money winners for 2015:

Brian – $215 (Champion)
Matt – $105 (2nd Place)
Max – $75 (3rd Place)
Ryan – $55 (Won Silver Bracket)

Geoff – $15 – (Highest Game Score: 157.8 in Week 8, beat Larry’s Week 13 score by .1)
Geoff – $15 – (Highest Active Player Score: 58 by Drew Brees in Week 8)

2016 Draft Order

This is the order for the 2016 draft, based on 2015 playoff results.

  1. Jay
  2. Ivan
  3. Jason
  4. Larry
  5. Bryan
  6. Dave
  7. Geoff
  8. Mike
  9. Ryan
  10. Max
  11. Matt
  12. Brian

League Champions & History

The league dates back to 1997, but we don’t have the full history and statistics on file.  For the league standings and records from 2013 to date, please consult our league page on ESPN.  From 2001 – 2012, we ran a paid league on CBS Sportsline.  Once we closed down that league, we transferred the league history to a spreadsheet, which you may download here.  We do not have any league records or statistics prior to 2001, aside from the league champions (listed below).


League Champions

Brian Vannoy
Hide the Suzzallo

Matt Winberry
Rooftop Atmos Peeping Toms

Jay Bell*
Suzzallo Stomp

Brian Vannoy
Hide the Suzzallo

Ivan Haas
IMA Husky

Larry Weese
Lander Lard Lads

Max Waugh**
Henry 9×9

Max Waugh
Eagleson Mooners

Scott Doherty
Savery Schunkes

Matt Winberry
Atmos Rooftop Peeping Toms

Jay Bell
Suzzallo Stomp

Ryan Stamper
Gilby’s Girls

Max Waugh
Benson Hedges

Jay Bell
Suzzallo Stomp

Dave Bernhardt
Red Square Scare

John Boerger
Kane Mutiny

Matt Montague***

Jay Bell
Odegaard Mad Cows

Brian Akesson

*- Jay Bell has the most championships in league history (4) and has appeared in five title games (lost in 2010).

**- Max Waugh has won three titles and holds the record for most title games (six), losing in 2000, 2006 and 2007, as well as most Gold Tier playoff appearances.  Brian Vannoy and Matt Winberry are the only other muli-champions (2).

***- Undefeated season, the only one in league history.

League Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the draft (which are pretty basic). Every couple must be wanted to capture their relationship with the cute photo shoot! For the lovely couple, there are some poses which can help them get the best city photoshoot for their happy day. More detailed league rules regarding things like scoring can be found at the Sportsline league site.


Draft & Roster Regulations:

As of August, 2003, there are no longer any regulations on whom you can draft. You can draft as many players at any position as you want, regardless of conference affiliation, but you must draft the minimum number of players to fill a starting lineup:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
1 D

The owner of the #1 overall pick is not allowed to move down in the draft order to a spot of his/her choosing.


There are no pre-draft trades allowed. After post-draft rosters are posted, trades are permissible between league members, based on regular league rules. The trading deadline is around Week 11. Review more detailed league rules regarding trades on the Sportsline website.

How will the draft be run?

Max will be manning the computer, relaying information to and from our long-distance players (via Skype/MSN Messenger; Max’s handle is fiznatty). There will be no draft board set up, so party attendees should keep track of available players on their own.

There will be no time limit for picking, as long as participants do so in a timely manner. The draft typically lasts around 3 hours.

We will be no longer be providing draft sheets for people to fill in their picks. Bring your own materials. This means that you should have a pre-made list ready to go if you have to leave early, or cannot attend and would like a representative to draft on your behalf. If you cannot attend and have designated no such representative, we will draft for you based on a pre-determined “professional” draft publication, filling out all starting roster spots before filling your bench.

League Makeup & Schedule

The Purple and the Gold league is made up of 12 teams in three divisions: Upper Campus, Greek System, and Montlake Boulevard. Each team plays every other team outside of its division once during the regular season, and faces its division foes twice (at the beginning and end of the season). Starting in 2007 owners will remain in the same divisions every year.

The league schedule runs concurrent to the NFL schedule, with NFL Weeks 1-14 comprising the fantasy regular season, and weeks 15 and 16 reserved for a two week playoff bracket.

Playoffs? Playoffs?!

The playoffs are divided into three brackets, the Gold, Silver and Bronze. All teams participate in the playoffs. The three regular season division winners advance to the Gold (top) bracket. Joining them is one Wild Card team, the non-division winner with the best overall record. All four of these teams have a chance to win the league title. The remaining teams in the league are placed in the Silver and Bronze brackets based on record.

Tie Breakers to determine seeding work as follows:

1) Head-to-Head record
2) Division record
3) Total points scored, Head-to-Head
4) Total points scored, season
5) Last team to go to the Rose Bowl

In the case of wild card ties involving multiple teams:

1) Teams within same division will be eliminated first using division tie-breakers.
2) Remaining teams will be eliminated according to the steps above.
3) Teams can be eliminated in each step until one team remains. For example, if three teams are tied and share the same head-to-head record, it will go to division record. If two teams have the same division record, but the third team has a worse division record, the third team is eliminated and the remaining two teams move on to the next tie-breaker.

The #1 seed in each bracket plays the #4 seed in the first round, regardless of division. #2 plays #3.

Final Standings

Here’s how the final league standings and following year’s draft order will be determined in the playoffs.

Winners of the Gold bracket semi-finals: Winner (league champ) drafts 12th next year with money. Loser (2nd place) drafts 11th next year with money.

Losers of the Gold bracket semi-finals: Winner (3rd place) drafts 10th next year with money. Loser (5th place) drafts 8th next year and no money.

Winners of the Silver bracket semi-finals: Winner (4th place) drafts 9th next year with money. Loser (6th place) drafts 7th next year.

Losers of the Silver bracket semi-finals: Winner (7th) drafts 4th next year. Loser (9th) drafts 6th next year.

Winners of the Bronze bracket semi-finals. Winner (8th) drafts 1st next year. Loser (10th) drafts 2nd next year.

Losers of the Bronze bracket semi-finals. Winner (11th) drafts 3rd next year. Loser (12th) drafts 5th next year. As of 2009, if a division winner fails to finish the regular season with a record of .500 or better, that team will be relegated to the Silver bracket, and the team with the next-best record will take its place in the Gold Bracket as a second Wild Card. The relegated team will be the top seed in the Silver bracket.