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Costa Rica: Get the lowdown on one of Max's favorite destinations! COSTA RICA: Get the lowdown on one of Max's favorite destinations Costa Rica: Get the lowdown on one of Max's favorite destinations! TANZANIA: Information and photos from our safari adventure

Travel Photos, Trip Summaries and Information

This is an archive of past trips I’ve taken for fun, photography or otherwise. Most of these trips are concentrated overseas, but occasionally I get around within North America as well.  This is not a photo archive.  Merely a resource for any written information I have provided on various destinations.  If you have any questions or would like advice on destinations I’ve visited, please contact me.

If you want to see more photos, including images from places not listed on this page, please visit the photo archive.

Featured Destination: Yellowstone

rainbowIt’s not much of a secret that I love Yellowstone National Park.  I first traveled there as a youngster in 1988, right before the big fires decimated much of the landscape.  By the time I returned a decade later, Yellowstone was in the midst of recovery, and the new growth that sprung from those fires is apparent to this day.

I didn’t begin visiting Yellowstone for photography until the year 2000, and have been back every year since.  It’s turned into my favorite destination for wildlife photography.  With over a decade’s worth of exploration, I’ve come to know the park pretty well, and have learned plenty of lessons: what to pack, what camera gear to take and where to find the animals!

I think back to my first visits to Yellowstone and remember wishing I had a better idea of what I was getting into, so over the years I’ve compiled a lot of useful information for visitors.

Visit the Yellowstone Information page.

Yellowstone Wildlife Guide



gorilla11In 2007 we visited Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas.  It was a great experience, and following the trip I shared information on lodging, guides, packing, photography and more.

Read the Rwanda trip summary and travel information.

South Africa

Leopard in dappled lightI’ve visited South Africa a few times now (including leading a tour in 2014), and all of the trips were excellent.  In 2010 we explored Kruger National Park and the private game reserves at MalaMala and Elephant Plains.  In 2012 we ventured west to visit Mokala and Kgalagadi Parks before returning to MalaMala and Elephant Plains and in 2014 my photo tour explored Kruger and MalaMala again.

Read the South Africa trip summaries and travel information.


Baby giraffesIn 2007 we visited Tanzania, covering the northern safari circuit: Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks, as well as Nrogongoro Crater and the Lake Eyasi region.

Read the Tanzania trip summary and travel information.


Costa Rica

TamanduaGet information and see photos from my favorite tropical destination.  I’ve compiled photos, packing tips and more from my many trips to Costa Rica.

Read more about Costa Rica.


Galapagos sea lionIn 2006 I traveled to Ecuador to experience three different natural environments: the cloud forest, the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands.  It was an eventful trip, with highs and lows.  My 2015 return to the Galapagos was great fun.

Read the Ecuador trip summary and travel information.

Great Bear Rainforest

Humpback whale breachingIn 2009 I visited the Great Bear Rainforest for the first time.  It was an excellent trip highlighted by the rare spirit bear, other black and grizzly bears, and excellent humpback whale viewing.  I’ve been back three more times since.

Read the Great Bear Rainforest trip summary and travel information.


Chilean flamingoI made my first trip to Patagonia in December 2009 and January 2010.  This was intended as the first leg of our honeymoon, but naturally much of the focus was the wildlife and scenery of this spectacular area that occupies the southern ends of Argentina and Chile.  I returned in 2016 scout for pumas.

Read the Patagonia trip summaries and travel information.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Information & PhotosI’ve been traveling to Yellowstone for photography since 2000, and have compiled a lot of information and tips for first-time travelers.

Visit the Yellowstone information page.

Asia and Oceania


Bennett's Wallabies

I visited Australia for the first time in 2016.  It was a short trip, but we covered a lot of ground, visiting Sydney, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Read the Australia trip summary and travel information.


Motorcyclist in FengduIn 2003 I took a short trip to China, spending time in Beijing, Shanghai and on the Yangtze River (prior to the completion of the Three Gorges Dam).  I kept a journal during the trip, which is transcribed here.

Read the 2003 China trip journal.

New Zealand

Dusky dolphin leapingIn 2009 I visited New Zealand for the second time, this time to get married.  During our two weeks there, we explored much of the South Island, from Christchurch to Queenstown to the west coast, finishing in Kaikoura.

Read the New Zealand trip summary and travel information.



ParthenonIn 2005 we visited Greece for two-and-a-half weeks.  We covered a lot of ground, from Meteora to Athens to the islands of the Aegean, and had a great time.

Read the Greece trip summary and travel information.

United Kingdom

Big Ben and ParliamentIn 2006 I made my third trip to the UK, and by far the longest.  On this trip we ventured north to Yorkshire and then Scotland, including the Highlands and the Orkney Isles.  We were lucky with the weather, but unlucky with some logistical problems.  Following the trip I provided a summary with some trip highlights and other information.

Read the UK trip summary and travel information.

Some places I have visited over the years may not appear here, such as Borneo, Hong Kong and several European countries.  Please visit the photo archive to see images from more of my travels.