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Coastal Wolves and Sea Otters Photo Tour

We are no longer offering this tour.  We are offering the Wilds of the Great Bear tour, which includes opportunities to possibly see sea otters and coastal wolves in the Great Bear Rainforest, but coastal wolves will no longer be a main focus for us due to scarcity and increased pressure on the wolves in the region.

Explore the wild coast of British Columbia by boat in search of elusive coastal wolves and adorable sea otters!

We’re proud to announce this very special tour, focusing on two species that are often elusive and difficult to photograph. This may be the only tour of its kind to specifically seek out coastal wolf packs. We’ll also find and photograph sea otters in their rugged coastal environment. In addition to wolves and otters, we may have an opportunity to see humpback whales, orcas, Dall’s porpoises, Pacific white-sided dolphins, seals, sea lions, deer, eagles, osprey, peregrine falcons, other coastal birdlife and possibly black bears.

This is a photo adventure, emphasizing exploration and photography in the field rather than classwork. Max will be there to shoot alongside you and help provide optional instruction and tips on photography, including handling the more difficult aspects of forest photography and shooting from a boat. This photo tour is a great fit for anyone from amateurs to professionals looking to photograph one of North America’s more elusive species in one of the most beautiful, rugged coastal environments along the Pacific! This tour is limited to only four guests, allowing for a more comfortable shooting environment and more one-on-one attention from your guides.

About the Coastal Wolves of British Columbia

Coastal wolves are unique, as about 75% of their diet comes from the ocean and what’s found along the tidal areas of the coast. They’re like ghosts, sometimes seen scavenging and hunting along the tidal flats and beaches of BC’s various islands before melting back into the forest, out of sight. This is an incredibly difficult animal to locate and photograph, but we’re fortunate to work with a local outfitter who’s identified some of the most reliable spots to see coastal wolves. This tour specifically devotes more time to wolves due to their elusive nature and their ability to travel great distances. Once wolves are found (there is never a guarantee!), we will have an opportunity to view and photograph them both by boat and on land. Gray wolves are a threatened species in British Columbia, so we do not disclose exact locations of the packs we will be visiting prior to the tour.


What’s Included in the Price of Your Tour

  • Private accommodation (based on double occupancy), aboard the 54 foot ship, Great Bear II.
  • All bedding, including duvet with cover, sheets, and pillow(s) with cases complete your bed on board. Bath towels and facecloths are provided on board, with hand towels changed each day in the 2 bathrooms.
  • A selection of body washes, shampoos and conditioners are available.
  • Guided excursions off the ship, each day.
  • Use of fishing gear on board if you’d like to fish. (Tidal fishing licence is not included and must be purchased prior to coming to the ship.)
  • If needed, we supply you with hipwaders/rubber boots to use.
  • All meals, snacks and beverages while on board.
  • A selection of some of B.C.’s finest wines (all Vintner Quality Assured (VQA) wines), are served with dinners.
  • Photo advice and guidance from Max
  • The professional services of your Captain/Wildlife Guide, Chef, Crew Person.
  • Use of kayaks and other equipment on board.
  • Permit fees to visit limited access areas.
  • “Baggage seat” fee to accommodate extra luggage on our flight to our departure point (guests must book same flight as Baggage Seat booking).

What is NOT Included in the Price of Your Trip

  • Applicable taxes for 2017 (Tax is included in 2016 price!)
  • Airplane or other transportation to/from the departure point where we meet the boat.
  • Accommodation at our departure/return point before and after the tour.
  • Tidal fishing license if you wish to fish.
  • Surcharge for special diets may apply. Please enquire at time of booking.
  • Gratuities for Captain, Chef, Crew Person, customary in this business.


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We are no longer offering a wolf-specific tour, but if you would like to join me on the Wilds of the Great Bear tour or would like to schedule a customized tour, please contact me.