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Seattle Photography Classes: Introduction to Nature Photography

At this moment, I am no longer offering this course. However, if there’s enough interest, I may put together a new virtual hybrid model, consisting of online presentations and follow-up critiques. If this interests you or your group, do let me know!

Learn the basics of nature photography in a relaxed setting, shoot in the field under the guidance of a professional photographer and share your work with others! This new class introduces you to the building blocks of photography in the classroom, and then lets you apply what you’ve learned in the field.

Learning the Basics

Though our emphasis is nature and wildlife photography, the course covers many of the core facets of photography in general: equipment, exposure, composition and post-processing. With these basics under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to take great photos out in the wild, or in the comfort of home. Here’s a sample of the topics we’ll cover in the classroom:

  • Wildlife, landscape and macro photography
  • Getting to know your gear: Cameras, lenses and accessories
  • Elements of exposure: aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • Composition
  • Patterns, lines and texture
  • Light
  • Post processing
  • Ethics and the business side of photography
  • …and lots more!

Class Schedule & Structure

We’ll meet for one weeknight classroom learning and critique session each week, and will have three half-to-full day weekend field trips during which we’ll shoot and practice what we’ve learned. Field trip locations will be in and around the Seattle area or the east side.

Classroom Session #1: Photography Basics & Getting to Know Your Gear
Day & Time TBD

Field Trip #1: Woodland Park Zoo
Day & Time TBD

Classroom Session #2: Additional Exposure Tips, Composition and Light
Day & Time TBD

Field Trip #2: Bellevue Botanical Garden
Day & Time TBD

Classroom Session #3: Post-Processing
Day & Time TBD

Field Trip #3: Washington Park Arboretum
Day & Time TBD

Classroom Session #4: Ethics, Tips & Tricks, Locations & Hot Spots
Day & Time TBD

It is recommended that you have the following items for this course:

  • SLR camera body*
  • At least one 1 lens*
  • Memory card
  • Camera battery
  • Note-taking materials

* – Advanced point-and-shoot or point-and-shoot cameras are fine too, but some of the equipment discussion will involve equipment or features only found in SLR camera gear.

Cost: TBD

Class fees do not include: photography gear, transportation to and from classes or field trip locations, parking and entry fees, food or beverage associated with field trips.

This course is currently only available for private groups.

If you would like to reserve a private course for three or more individuals, please contact me with your request.